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Monday, October 16, 2017

RIP Daniel Webb

While scrolling through Twitter yesterday, I came across a tweet that mentioned the passing of Chicago White Sox reliever Daniel Webb.  At the age of 28, the Paducah, Kentucky native sustained a fatal injury in an ATV accident in Tennessee.

My condolences to his family and the White Sox organization.  Always sad to see a young life cut short, regardless of their occupation or ability.

I probably wouldn't have recognized Webb's name, if it wasn't for the fact that he shared a baseball card with one-time Padre Chris Robinson.  At one point, I made it my quest to acquire as many of these cards as I could, because I was such a huge fan of Robinson's story - a journeyman catcher who spent nine years and 2,365 plate appearances in the minors before getting his shot at the majors.  Though it was just 12 plate appearances in an eight game stretch, he did get a pair of hits, including a big home run the last week of the season in 2013.

Anyways, when I saw that Webb had passed, I thought about the 20 or so cards I have of him and Robinson from the 2014 Heritage set.  While cleaning up my room yesterday (the laundry has gotten out of control), I came across a PWE from Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown, which included a handful of great cards (that I'll stretch across three posts, because I'm going to be annoying like that), including this sweet custom of Robinson.

Gavin has made some great custom cards (which were at the heart of the PWE), but the back has the Padrographs logo on it, showing that it's Rod's handiwork.  Here's the post where he showed this card, which was a collaboration with Cards From The Quarry.

Anyways, I'll get to some of the other cards Gavin sent tomorrow, but yeah, I didn't know how much love Webb would get from the card collecting community, so I figured I'd mention him briefly.  RIP, Ryan.

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