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Monday, October 17, 2016


How's everyone enjoying the postseason?  I really haven't followed too much of it, other than just to have something to write about for ROBaseball.  This is mostly due to the fact that I wasn't super interested in any of the American League teams (I was okay with any team going to the World Series besides the Red Sox), and the National Leage side of the playoffs have been mostly blacked out on MLB.tv.  I was surprised that the Rangers made an early exit, since I picked them to win the pennant.  Don't have many cards of current Rangers players, but I have this one, from this year's Archives set.  I really like these cards, and would consider putting the set together if they weren't so expensive.

I pulled two from a blaster of Archives, and this was the other one.  Andrew Miller has been a beast during the playoffs, and is one of the reasons I'd love to see Cleveland win it all.  Sure, this was from his time with New York, but still a good one to have.  In fact, I was able to watch him pitch in person this year when he was still a Yankee.  The only reason I remember is because it ended this way:

Yep, Melvin Upton Jr. walkoff.  I was hoping that he'd be able to do something similar in the playoffs, but he has struggled mightily since becoming a Blue Jay.  Still, while there's some really likeable guys on the Indians, if Toronto is somehow able to come back from a two-game deficit, I'd be able to root for them pretty easily.

I had meant to scan the front of this card as well, but this is a recent pickup - the mini version of Melvin's 2016 High Number Heritage card, numbered 3/100.  I still need to get the team set for the Padres, but I'm not in a huge rush to pick up the four Friars they have - Melvin, Alexei Ramirez, Jabari Blash, and Jon Jay.  I know the Padres were bad this year, but Alexei was literally one of the worst players in baseball last year (-2.4 WAR in just one season is horrifically bad), and Blash and Jay basically contributed nothing (though Jay's lack of production was due to injury).  I'd probably be more interested if they had... I dunno, players like Ryan Buchter or Ryan Schimpf.  Yeah, if you have heard of either of those, you win a prize.

Anyways, just a quick little blurb from me today.  Like I said, I've been writing at ROBaseball a bit, and that with work and the family has kept me busy.  I've also been writing a bunch of Mexican winter league baseball.  If you're a baseball junkie like me, check out la Liga Mexicana del Pacifico.  Probably a little tough if you're an east coast guy, since most, if not all teams play in the Pacific & Mountain times, but it's only $21 for a whole season subscription (each team plays 68 games).

Take care.  Be excellent to each other.


  1. Hey! I know Ryan Buchter - he spent some time in the Cubs system on a couple of different occasions. Good to see he's emerged as a reliable bullpen arm.

    1. Tony beat me to it, but I can add that he pitched in P-town! Woot!
      On the down side, I'm not familiar with Schimpf or Jabari Blash.

  2. I had Ryan Buchter on my fantasy baseball teams a few times this season. Great K/9 ratio!