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Sunday, June 5, 2016

School's Out, Kinda, Time To Blog Again

Well, the "last" day of the 2015-2016 school year was on Friday.  I normally don't get too caught up in counting down the days because I always teach summer school, and usually it starts the very next week.  However, this year it's a bit different, so I will have a full week break before the three weeks of summer school begins.

That's kinda nice.  I'm definitely enjoying today, that's for sure.  Nothing in the back of my head to worry about (well, school-wise, there's always something around the house that needs to be worked on).  Time to dust off the old blog with a recent trade package from my good buddy Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown.

I sent Gav a few cards recently, and he sent back a very nice package in return.  There are some very solid cards that I'm leaving out of the post, but here are my three favorites:

"The Sure-Thing"
I realize that for a "team collector", I'm pretty fickle with what I collect.  Only a few team sets, definitely not a completist like some of those hardcore guys out there.  But what will I always like, no matter what?  A Tony Gwynn card that I don't already have.  This one makes 682 total Gwynn's.  Only a few thousand more to go, I'm sure.

"The Wildcard"
Sometimes I've gotten excited about sending an "under the radar" card that I think a collector will really like, but in the trade post, they just kinda ignore it.  I'm sure that's happened for people who send me cards as well.  Well, there's no way that I couldn't find a place in my collection for this card, even though it's not a Padre.  I'm not quite like Gavin, who is collecting cards of players with his first name, but the fact that this here Marcus is also a letter away from having the last name of the greatest Padre ever?  Yeah, I definitely need this card.  GREAT job Gavin.

 "The Knock Out"
The knock out is usually the impetus behind sending the package in the first place.  The card that's gonna really knock their socks off.  This is that card.

You can check out Gavin's post on this card here.  Gavin is truly talented and we can all only hope that he eventually gets a job for a major card company out there and make a ton of money making awesome cards.  Until then, we can all admire his work on the card blogosphere.

To be honest, I was less than excited to see that Jon Jay was the return in the Jedd Gyorko trade.  Sure, Gyorko was a bit of a bust, but it still seemed a little early to give up on him, and I think Jon Jay is a free agent after this year, plus they sent over a bunch of money to the Cardinals to take Jedd.  I dunno, I guess I also just hate the Cardinals, and I wasn't sure if Jay would ever be able to wash off that "Cardinals smell" that all Cardinals players have.

Well, if there's one way to endear yourself to the Padres fan base, it's wearing socks that pay homage to Mr. Padre himself.  Turns out that Jay is quite the Gwynn fan, as evidenced not only by his socks, but by the number 19 that he wore while in St. Louis.  It seems like Jon's been paying tribute to Tony on the field as well, as he became the second Padre to get nine hits over a two game span (going 9 for 12 during a two game set with the Mariners).  Gwynn was the first.  He currently leads the team with a .300 batting average.

Thanks Gavin for a great package.  Looking forward to wading back into activity here on the blog now that school's out, and hopefully pick up some Archives cards.  If you haven't checked Gavin's blog lately, he got a few boxes of the stuff and it treated him pretty well.

Here's a bonus link to an article on Uni Watch about Jon Jay's socks.  Didn't think I'd be talking so much about fashion in this post.


  1. "Cardinals Smell" Ha!
    Happy Summer!

  2. Glad you like! Took a risk picking up two of those same Gwynns at the card show and was glad you needed one. As for the Marcus Gwyn, I think I was typing in Marcus Giles on baseball-reference and he popped up as an option when I was at "Marcus G" and I got a kick out of it so I found a cheap card to throw in for you. And yeah, the Jon Jay socks custom overlay was originally just going to be for me, but it was serendipitous that I found another cheap copy of that auto at the card show. Happy I could share it with you!

  3. Sweet socks! I'm not going to lie, I kinda want a pair myself.

  4. Super jealous. I'm in the classroom until this Thursday... and summer school starts up next Tuesday for me.