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Saturday, June 18, 2016

An Old Player Collection, and a New One?

I've whittled down my player collections quite a bit from the beginning of this blog.  Sure, I still love a good Andy Benes, Fred McGriff, Khalil Greene, or Paul Konerko card as much as the next guy.  But now, I've trimmed it down to basically three players: Tony Gwynn (686 cards), Archi Cianfrocco (84 cards), and Jerry Coleman (18 cards).

Obviously, the big "chase" out of those three are Gwynn cards.  There are so, so many of them.  I'm actually expecting a COMC order in a few days that will bring me within two cards (that I know of, at least) of obtaining a copy of every Archi Cianfrocco baseball card made.

But Coleman?  Well, there just aren't a ton of those cards out there.  From his actual playing days, the only card I still need is a 1952 Topps, which isn't cheap.  It's a PC that I almost forget about, because it's so, so small.

Thanks to Jim over at GCRL, I now have two cards to add to the list.  The one at the top of the post is actually from an 1982 set by ASA called "The Johnny Mize Story".  Man, he played with some pretty great ballplayers.  The second one is from the 2000 Upper Deck Yankees Legends set.  While I wasn't born until he had been broadcasting the Padres for a while, it's cool to see a youthful Coleman all decked out in his Yankees gear.  Way to go Upper Deck.

The winding down of the Cianfrocco and Coleman PCs, along with the huge mountain to climb with the Gwynn PC has me wondering if I should pick a new player to really collect.  If pressed into choosing another guy, I think I might go the "current" route.  While the Padres sit at the bottom of the NL West heap and are still years away from putting together a competent product, there are two guys who I'm pretty excited about.  Austin Hedges is one of them (a catcher who was called up in the middle of last year to back up Derek Norris, and is currently playing in AAA El Paso to start the year).

The other one is Wil Myers.  The Padres gave up two of their top four prospects (pitcher Joe Ross and short stop Trea Turner to the Nationals) in the trade that brought him to San Diego, and last year was a huge disappointment.  He had a great two weeks to start the season, then got injured, and spent most of the year on the DL or struggling with the effects of the injury.  This year has been a different story, and he is one of the best players in the league and should be on the NL All-Star team.  The competition is stiff at first base, but he's top four or five in most statistical categories.  It's a breath of fresh air to have my favorite player on the team be the best player on the team (no disrespect to Chris Denorfia, Eric Owens, or Yangervis Solarte).

At the very least, there'd be more cards to chase.  Not that I need to be burning through money or anything, but it's a thought that I'm at least entertaining.  With the way the Padres are playing, it wouldn't surprise me to see them trade him if he gets really good (though I'd be sad to see him leave).  Very nice to get this card from Jim, though at first, I tossed it in my duplicate pile like an idiot.  It wasn't until later that I noticed the gold foil and saw it was a parallel from last year's Stadium Club set.

There were other cards that Jim gave me (including some Garvey's that I already had), but these were the ones I loved the most.  Thanks Jim! 

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