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Sunday, May 22, 2016

More Padres

We moved into our new house in Gatesville in January, but it was only recently that I, you know… actually let people know my address.  After a long dry spell of empty mailboxes (actually, we just have a mail slot that goes from our front porch to the living room), the cards have been moving somewhat steadily, at least in comparison to the months previous.

Here's a few Padres from my buddy Jimmy of S.Mack Talk.

Wil Myers is probably my current favorite Padre.  Well, maybe he's tied with Yangervis Solarte and Ryan Buchter.  Either way, he's fun to watch and he's probably their best player, and this is probably my favorite Myers card so far, from last year's Topps Chrome set.

I'm slowly chipping away at the 2011 Topps diamond sparkle Padres team set.  I'm still eleven away from completion (well, I've kinda written off ever owning the Anthony Rizzo rookie card, so maybe realistically ten), so I'm always stoked to add to this team set.  Seriously, love these cards.

Here's a few from last year's Topps Update set that I hadn't gotten around to picking up yet.  I think the Padres were so depressing by the end of the year that I couldn't even be bothered to grab these, but I'm glad to have them now (and still need a few more).

Ahhh, more Gwynn's!  Both good looking cards, but especially dig the blue hue of the Fleer Showcase one.

Next up, a batch of cards from David at Tribe Cards.  He does some cool "Pack-A-Day" giveaways for each of the last few seasons, and though he gets (admittedly) very far behind in mailing them out, he always get 'em to you eventually.  Seriously, a great guy and fun collector if ever there was one.  There weren't a whole lot of Padres he sent me that I didn't already have, but here were a few of them.
You can't tell from the photo, but this was printed on what seemed like tracing paper.  Cool new Hoffman card.

I don't have many cards of Mark Davis, and seeing as how he won a Cy Young as a Padre, it seems like something that I should try to remedy, even though he wasn't in San Diego for long.  

As much as I like getting cards of hyped up prospects, it's hard for me to get excited about these horribly done photoshops.  I can't even pretend that Logan Allen has ever worn this uniform, seeing as how these are exclusive to the 2016 season.  I'm not a fan of the "Chargers" color scheme with the Padres, but they have an alternate jersey that's brown and yellow, so hopefully that becomes a full time look sooner rather than later.  At least Logan is rocking some good looking stirrups (unless those are photoshopped too).

Anyways, thanks Jimmy and David!  Always glad to add new Padres to the collection.  Have a great Sunday!

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  1. That 1989 Donruss All-Stars card of Davis is really cool Nice action shot. I always seem to forget that he won the Cy Young Award back in '89.