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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Matt Kemp Photo Variation

I'm not really into titling my blogposts after the exact card that I'm showing, but for a quick, one-card post, I figured there's no reason to bury the lede.  I'm a fan of photo variation cards, and the Padres seem to get so few of them that when this one came across my radar for less than $3 shipped, I jumped on it.

There are actually four in last year's Topps Update for the Padres, which is pretty cool, but the one of Kemp was the only one that showed a player high five-ing a kid, which I love.  I'm the youth leader for the boys in my church congregation, which, in the small town we live in, is about 6 boys on a good night.  On Wednesdays we have activities, and after a quick church-themed lesson, I asked them what they wanted to do (I had brought equipment to play a few games), and they said they wanted to play baseball.  I'd coerced them into playing a few times, but I didn't know if they actually enjoyed it or not, so it was cool to see them want to play.  Since there was only 5 kids, it was interesting to play, but definitely reminded me of being a kid growing up in San Diego.  I hadn't said "ghost runner on second" for at least a decade!

While I'm not a Matt Kemp-level ambassador for the game of baseball, I'm still trying to do my part for a pocket of 11-14 year olds here in Texas.

Speaking of kids, I'm hoping that all the little kids and big kids reading this were able to do something special for their mothers and wives (if applicable) for Mother's Day.  My wife was less than impressed with dinner, but hopefully the other things I've been able to do around the house the last couple of days can make up for it.

Take care collectors.

Oh, in case you were wondering what the other four Padres photo variations from last year's Topps Update were, here's a screen shot from eBay.  None are over $5 shipped, and all have a pretty cool look to them.  I remember the specific home run that Norris is celebrating there, and that's a pretty unique angle for the Kimbrel shot.  One of my kids was asking if major leaguers had to buy all their bats from Walmart or if they were made specifically for them, and I guess if I had the Upton card, I would've been able to show them instead of tell them.

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  1. I went out and bought the Upton SP for around $3 after Update hit the shelves last year. Might have to grab the Kemp now, too.