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Monday, April 25, 2016

A Few Recent Pick Ups & Trade Bait

Though my blogging has slowed down, I've still been picking up a few cards here and there.  As the title states, here's a few new cards for my collection, as well as a few cards that are up for trade.

Of all the Padres prospects that were traded last year during their ill-fated "let's make a run at it even though our team isn't very good" phase, the player I was most bummed to see traded (besides top 10 short stop prospect Trea Turner) was Mallex Smith.  I got to watch him play in single-A Lake Elsinore, and the dude has blazing speed.  Strong defense and a decent contact hitter, he seemed to not get much attention during his time in the Padres system, but he's already been brought up to the Braves big club.  Anyways, I'm not one to collect former Padres prospects, but the fact that the title of this card is a play on one of my all time movies meant that I couldn't pass it up.

I have a few "announcer" cards of my all time favorite broadcaster, Jerry Coleman (RIP), but this is my first of still-current broadcaster Ted Leitner, along with former announcer Bob Chandler.  Leitner is a local legend, with more than a few detractors, but his longevity and love for all things San Diego sports makes him good in my book.  I still haven't listened to a broadcast this year where he didn't mention Jerry, so there's never a reason to tune out.

I got a package from TJ, the Junior Junkie, and among all the great Padres he sent, this was my favorite.  I liked it so much that it bumped another top five Khalil card from the Miscellaneous Padres binder.  

As much as I love trades and eBay pickups, sometimes I have to actually go buy cards from a store.  And sometimes, I even get Padres that way.  I bought a rack pack of Gypsy Queen for the first time in three years, and I snagged a few Friars.  I've been pretty down on GQ's design the past few years, as well as the checklists, and even though Ian Kennedy was strangely added as a Padre (despite being a free agent at the end of the year), I liked it enough to pick it up.

Here's a few cards from the rack pack, as well as a few cards from a few other sets.  Lemme know in the comments if there's anything you'd like to claim.  I've updated my want list on the side, so if you have any of those, or any other Gwynn's/cool Padres that I don't have, let me know!  I haven't emailed all my old trading buddies my new address yet, so I'll need to do that soon.  There's a pretty cool minor league set at the bottom that might interest a few of you, so don't stop halfway down.

2016 Gypsy Queen:
Base: 31-Kipnis, 43-Owens, 156-Tanaka, 189-Rosenthal, 190-Travis, 220-Thompson, 221-Duffey, 237-Gausman
Blue Bordered: 37-Lackey, 68-Rendon, Duffy-81, Correa-90
Minis: 180-Quintana, 202-Sabathia

2016 Topps Series 1:
MLB Debut: 3-Bryant, 6-Castro, 13-Gonzalez, 18-Koufax
Berger's Best: 36-Bo Jackson
Wrigley Field 100 Years: 8-Fergie Jenkins
Pressed Into Service: 1-Mitch Moreland
Walk Off Wins: 8-Allen Craig (2), 15 Henry Urrutia
The Greatest Streaks: 2-Ken Griffey Jr. , 6-Chris Sale, 9-Ted Williams
Back To Back: 5-Votto/Phillips, 10-Cabrera/Phillips
Wacky Packages: St. Louis Cardinals
MLB Debut Medallion: Josh Donaldson

2016 Topps Opening Day:
115 - Carlos Gomez (blue foil)
Heavy Hitters-2 - Giancarlo Stanton
Striking Distance-15 - Cole Hamels

2016 Heritage:
Flashbacks NF-CG
67TDC-AM - Andrew McCutchen
423 - Fence Busters (Pence/Belt)
426 - Clayton Kershaw
432 - Robinson Cano

 2016 Donruss:
Power Alley-4 Carlos Correa
Masters Of The Game-2 Roger Clemens
Diamond Kings-27 Evan Longoria, 29 Josh Donaldson
'82 Inserts-44 Ken Griffey Jr., 48 Robin Yount
The Rookies-15 Richie Shaffer
The Prospects-1 Lucas Giolito, 8 Rafael Devers
Rated Rookie-31 Kyle Schwarber, 33 Trea Turner
Studio-3 Michael Taylor, 5 Corey Seager

2015 Pacific Coast League Top Prospects:
I'm only keeping the Padres, former Texas Longhorns, and the Round Rock Express players, and I've set aside the Mets for my buddy Mark, but the rest are up for grabs:
Jon Gray, Cristian Adames, Domingo Santana, Preston Tucker, Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Stephen Piscotty, Marco Gonzales, Samuel Tuivalala, Chris Bassitt, Joey Wendle, J.T. Realmuto, Jose Urena, Justin Nicolino, Darnell Sweeney, Scott Schebler, Christian Binford, Orlando Calixte, Peter O'Brien, Robbie Ray, Andrew Susac, Ty Blach, Andrew Heaney, Nick Tropeano, Ketel Marte, Patrick Kivlehan


  1. Hi Marcus,
    I would be interested in the Donaldson medallion, Correa and Duffy gypsy blue borders, and the Susac/Blach/Heaney/Tropeano from your PCL Top Prospects set. Could you put them aside for me? Thanks.

  2. I sure wouldn't mind adding the Lackey GQ, the Schwarber Donruss and the Bryant/Russell PCL cards to my collections. I've got a nice stash of Padres stuff and I believe I have a few of your 2016 Heritage needs. If you're interested, I can be reached at tonyburbs at gmail.com

  3. hey marcus - i'd be interested in the heritage kershaw and the studio seager. send me your new address and i'll get some stuff in the mail.

  4. I'd love to call dibs on the McCutchen insert. Maybe also the Power Alley-4 Carlos Correa and The Greatest Streaks-6 Chris Sale.

  5. I will gladly trade you for that Cano SP, please! I need your new addy, by the way. I have a nice little stack of Tony Gwynn's waiting for you...

  6. I can use the 2015 Gypsy Queen Rosenthal, and the 2015 PCL Prospect card of Piscotty, Gonzales, and Tuivailala. Do you still need any of these Gwynns:

    1994 Fleer 665
    1995 Collector's Choice Special Edition 27
    1996 Fleer 567
    1997 Fleer 702
    1997 Fleer 743
    1998 Donruss 167
    1998 UD3 180
    1998 Ultra 108
    1999 Fleer Brillants 79
    1999 Ovation 55
    1999 Upper Deck Encore 77
    1999 Upper Deck HoloGrfx 50
    1999 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory 93
    2000 Stadium Club 137
    2000 Topps Stars 60
    2000 Upper Deck Hitter's Club 33
    2001 Donruss Classics 24

    My email is in my profile is you would like to work out a trade.