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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Postseason

Alright, so it's been… a little over a month since I last posted here.


Been busy with school and family stuff, nothing bad, just really busy.  The Padres season ended pretty pathetically, so while I might do a post-mortem on it later, I'm looking today at some postseason-type cards.  Or rather, cards of players who are playing in the postseason.

While a lot of cards collectors would have a problem fitting cards of "guys in the postseason" into one post, my collection is so Padres-centered that the "Non-Padre playoff guys" are few and far between.

I really dug the 2013 Topps Update Minis.  I'm a sucker for the 1971 Topps design, and as a 50 card set, it wasn't too difficult to put together.  Out of those 50 cards, only eight are playing in the postseason (though Yu Darvish and Hyun-Jin Ryu are on teams that are in the playoffs, both are injured and not playing, so they're not shown here).

Oops, should've done this post a little sooner.  The Pirates were bounced out of the Wild Card game by the Cubs, so Andrew McCutchen is still in search of that elusive World Series ring.

Troy Tulowitzki is in the playoffs again, but this time, he's not with the Rockies - he's a Blue Jay.  I wasn't sure if he would be healthy enough for the postseason, but sure enough, he's out there grinding away.  The Blue Jays lineup looks like a Murderer's Row, but they're on the brink of elimination tonight against the Rangers.  Let's see how that plays out.

Speaking of Texas, is it still weird to see Prince Fielder in a Rangers uniform for you?  It is for me, but that might just be because I don't get to watch Rangers games, since I'm cable-less and am blacked out from Rangers games on my MLB.tv subscription.  While he was a Tiger here, he's looking to pickup his first World Series ring as a Ranger.  His dad (Cecil), a long time Tiger, has a World Series ring, which he won as a member of the Yankees in 1996.

Ugh, Dodgers.  At least Kershaw lost again in Game 1 before Dodgers took out Ruben Tejada and the Mets chance at a sweep in Game 2.  Apparently Chase Utley has been suspended for Games 3 & 4 (both in New York) for his obviously dirty slide to break up a double play that led to a big inning for LA, but if he appeals, he'll probably still play.  Not that Utley has really done much this year, but still…

Speaking of the Mets, they are the most well represented of the teams in this set, since they have Matt Harvey and David Wright, along with…

Yo.  Yo knows the postseason.  I really thought that the Padres were going to deal Justin Upton to the Mets at the deadline, but I guess they didn't like what they were offering, so New York got Yoenis Cespedes.  Probably a good move for them, as Cespedes has been on fire and Upton has been only above average.  The Mets are the team I'm rooting for from the National League, but I'm much less picky about the American League.

All in all, kind of an interesting look at cards from just two years ago.  While you had to figure that Tulo was going to be traded eventually, it would've been pretty hard to see Prince Fielder getting traded down south, and Cespedes?  He's on his third post-Oakland team (Red Sox and Tigers), but this is still the third time he's seen the postseason in just his fourth year in the league.

Anyways, I'm hoping that I can get some more posts up soon, since I got some scans taken care of during some Sunday naps.  Hope everybody's doin' well.


  1. Barring some injury in the postseason, Cespedes is going to get PAID this offseason as a free agent.

  2. As soon as I'm finished with my 1972 Topps mini insert set... I'm going to build this one. As for the Padres... the future can only get brighter... right?