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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Yesterday, I posted a quartet of Tony Gwynn cards that came my way via Nick at the Dimebox blog.  Today is part two of the cards he sent my way - the non-Gwynn's.

I've decided to list them in order of "Dimebox-ness".  If you've read Nick's blog (and really, if you're reading mine, you've probably been reading his for a long time, or you're my mom), you'll know that he has a knack for acquiring seemingly common cards that have something a little extra special about them.  For example, he sent me a fistful of "kids on cards" cards, the best of which was the Mike Cameron you see above.  Not everyday that you see a little kid featured on a baseball card, but Nick's got an eye for that kinda thing.

Putting the obvious ones aside, here are the other rankings, in ascending order.  As "Dimebox-ness" is a relatively new statistic, it is on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the most Dimebox-ness you could possibly want (the Cameron card is an easy 10).

Dimeboxness Score: 5.5

Nothing about the photo in this Mark Grant card really sticks out, but it's from a set that I don't have very many cards of (1989 Score Young Superstars), and Mark Grant is the voice of the Padres TV broadcast team, so it does stand out, at least to this Padre fan.  This is now my favorite Mark Grant card.

Dimebox-ness Score: 8.4
Phil Plantier is known for being born in New Hampshire, graduating from my alma mater (Poway High, a suburb of San Diego), having 100 RBI in 1993, and being fired as the Padres hitting coach this offseason.  What he is not known for is making leaping catches at the wall… until now.

Dimebox-ness Score: 9.5
If there's one thing you're sure to see plenty of in Nick's collection, it's plenty of pitchers doing things besides pitching.  Not only is this a card of Padre pitcher Scott Sanders swinging a stick, it's from the LSD influenced set of '95 Fleer.  I'd be willing to bet that Nick isn't into hardcore drugs, but I know he can appreciate a set like '95 Fleer, so maybe I'm wrong.

Dimebox-ness Score: 9.9
Goodness gracious!  Not only is it vintage, it's of Tito Fuentes' headgear!  This is a great photo from a great set, and on any given day, could have taken home the gold medal.  Perhaps if it was a little more worn, it would've amped up it's Dimebox-ness that last decimal point.

Dimebox-ness Score: 11
What!?!?  I thought you said this system was out of 10?  Well, Andy Ashby must be listening to Spinal Tap while he's trying to catch dugout fish, because he just cranked it up to 11!  If there is a more Dimebox-ness card, I have never seen it.

Thanks a lot Nick!  To everybody else, you are free to incorporate the Dimebox-ness stat into your blogging, and feel free to rename it as you see fit.  You just need to site me in your bibliography.


  1. That Sanders would be my favorite of the bunch, that set is so atrocious that it's kind of endearing. Plus, Scott actually looks like he knows what he's doing swinging the bat, which is more than one can say about his pitching!

  2. I think Tito might be my single favorite from the '76 set. That one has a personal Dimeboxness off the charts (perhaps somewhere around a 13.7), though the Ashby is definitely right up there as well. Glad you found a few in there you needed!