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Sunday, August 16, 2015

What Would You Choose?

Alright, I have a question that I'm interested in seeing some responses to.

I bought a phone case about a week ago.  I hadn't been able to find anything that was super cheap online, and I found a website that let you make a custom design for your phone case that was basically the same as buying one with a set design ($29).

It just so happened that the day I decided to make the purchase, I had been defending the honor of one of my favorite baseball card sets of all time on Twitter: 1991 Fleer.  A few people were badmouthing it, and I had to let them know how beautiful it really is.

With this fresh in my mind, I decided that I wanted my phone case to have a baseball card on it.  I tried to think of what would be a good card to go with, and after sifting through my cards, I couldn't get past this card:

One of my all time favorite players from one of my all time favorite sets was just too good to pass up.  Sure, I wouldn't rank it in my Top 10 Gwynn's, and I almost would've preferred having an Archi Cianfrocco card instead, but this is the one that felt the most right.

I placed my order and crossed my fingers (after paying, I discovered that the website I went to - Casetify.com - had a bunch of negative feedback), and finally it arrived:

While I got to choose the picture for it, I couldn't edit the centering of it, so I already knew that part of Tony's name would be cut off, as well as the team/position lettering at the bottom.  Despite that, I still liked how it looked.  Physically, I'm not sure that it's worth what I paid, but I think that the prices for all phone cases are a rip off anyways, so maybe it's just me.

So, here's the question:

If you were to get a baseball card printed on your phone case, what would it be?

After a week to think about it, I still love my choice.  Sure, there are a number of other Gwynn's that are "better cards", but I think this one works really well.  Maybe it's also because my phone is already a bright yellow color, so a bright yellow phone case kinda works.

I'm interested to see what you guys come up with.


  1. I'd be tempted to go with the Coco Crisp 'fro card from 2014 Topps.

  2. To be fair, 1991 Fleer looks far better as a card case than it does as a baseball card set.

    For me, I'd probably go with Robin Yount's 1975 Rookie card -- maybe the Topps one, more likely the Hostess card (because I like oddballs like that).

  3. Andres Galarraga's card from 1994 Finest.

  4. I'd probably go with Billy Martin's 1972 Topps card where he's giving the photographer and collectors "the bird".

  5. Love the Gwynn case!

    Not sure which card I'd pick. What would be funny is one of those cards where the guy is talking in a huge early mobile phone.

    1. Ooh, I think this is my favorite one so far.