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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Padres Hall of Fame & The Top 5 Tempy's

Yesterday, the Padres inducted Benito Santiago and Garry Templeton into the Padres Hall of Fame.  I've mentioned before that the Padres Hall of Fame has been an afterthought to the organization, with only eight people inducted since it's inception (1999), and half of them weren't even players.

So it was good to see some new blood.  The Padres are trying to get themselves a little more respectable for the All-Star Game next year, and by then, they've said that a new Padres Hall of Fame will be fully operational.  Previously, it was just a small collection of memorabilia that, to be honest, I had no idea of the location, I only saw it the one time I took a guided tour of Petco Park, so it definitely in need of an upgrade.

A few weeks ago, I detailed a few of my thoughts on the Padres, the Padres Hall of Fame, and the other inductee, Benito Santiago here.  Today, I'll be showing my top five favorite Garry Templeton cards.

#5 - 1984 Topps #615
I wonder what draws a player to want to wear the number 1?  In Little League, it's usually reserved for the smallest player on the team (my daughter wore it this year for that very reason, and it was actually still a little loose on her), but in the majors, you have a lot more choices, depending on who is wearing what already.  Regardless, this is a good shot of the Padres beautiful brown uniforms, as well as Garry's butt.  '84 was a special year for Padres fans, so this was a no brainer.

#4 - 1984 Mother's Cookies #8
Mother's Cookies cards rule.  The crop job on this scan is less than desirable, since Mother's Cookies cards (at least in my experience) always have the rounded edges.  I guess you can kinda see it at the top, but not really at all on the bottom corners.  Trust me, it's there.  I dig the photography on the Mother's Cookies set from '84 because you can tell that not all of them were a specialized photo shoot just for the set.  I'm guessing that's the Braves that are also warming up in the background, and while the back of Tempy's jersey on the first card looked good, I'm all about the name on the front, which we see here.

#3 - 1991 Fleer #546
I'm a sucker for '91 Fleer, and on a different day, I might rank it below the Mother's Cookies card, just because Mother's Cookies are awesome, but I think I like the kind-of-an-action shot here with Garry.  SO many of the cards for '91 Fleer were taken at Wrigley Field, like this one, so we get a look at the away jersey for the very early 90's Padres.  On any other card, this is an average shot, but with the beautiful yellow borders of '91 Fleer, it's a masterpiece.

#2 - 1983 Fleer #373
In a set that is more known for having Tony Gwynn's rookie card (well, to Padres fans at least), I think this just might be the best looking card.  SO much beautiful brown and yellow, though the yellow is a little more prominent.  I also am a sucker for any card that has the Swinging Friar on it.  Right now, the "official" Padre logo is a boring, white "SD" with a blue background.  Zero character.  This is awesome.  Good looking bat-over-the-shoulder pose for Tempy as well.

#1 - 1983 Kellogg's #17
Alright, if I said I loved the Mother's Cookies cards, then I'm completely infatuated with the Kellogg's 3D cards.  These are the best oddball cards of all time, hands down.  I have all of the Padres Kellogg's cards (to my knowledge), and Garry had the last one (after Ollie Brown had the first, in 1970).  This is great.

Templeton and Santiago's Padre careers were pretty different.  Garry was there as a veteran for a long time ten years (1,286 games), while Benito started out as a rookie there for seven years (789).  Garry is second place in a lot of Padre offensive records (behind Tony Gwynn), while Benito holds some impressive single season records (Rookie of the Year, longest hitting streak).

But if you had asked me yesterday who had the better cards, I would've said Benito, hands down.  I'm a kid of the 90's, what can I say?  However, after looking at these individually, I think that Tempy might sneak ahead of Benito.  It's pretty close, to say the least.


  1. Good picks! I need to round out my Tempy collection.

  2. They had Templeton on KUSI's Good Morning SanDiego on Friday and the 'fro is long gone.it was a very nice intrerview with him. They were also giving away his and Santiago'sjersies at Friday's games. Vey nice cards.

  3. The 3d Kellogg's card is pretty sweet. Old school Padres uniforms are some of my favorites of all time, and Templeton is sporing a couple of good looks.

    And lastly . . . He has two Rs in his first name? How did I not know this 'til now?