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Monday, August 31, 2015

Party Time!

Editor's Note: Here at the archives of All The Way To The Backstop…, we have unearthed a trade post that was supposed to be published weeks ago, but hasn't seen the light of day… UNTIL NOW!  Here is the trade post, in it's original form.

Regardless of what happens during the day in the life of a card collector, checking the mailbox and finding a package of cards is always a huge win.  I started this blog at pretty much the same time that I got back into card collecting, and since then (April 2012), whenever the mail carrier has a manila-looking bubble mailer, my wife's learned that it's not usually for her.

Getting cards makes me feel like throwing a fiesta, like the one that the Swinging Friar seems to be a part of.

This is that card that spurred this particular package of cards.  After mentioning in a post that I was looking for the "Keys to the City" card from this year's Allen & Ginter set of the Alamo, Jim over at the now in-haitus Garvey Cey Russell Lopes blog

I'll give you three guesses as to what former Dodger player dominated the majority of this trade package, but the first two don't count!  Despite getting a few Garvey's that I already had, these two magnificent specimen were new to my collection, as well as my eyes!  Garv and Goose on one card?  Awesome!  The scan for the card on the right doesn't do it justice, it's refractory and incredible.

Despite the refractory awesomeness of the other Garv, this was my favorite one, a box panel from the '86 Fleer Star Sticker set.  Man, this is a great card, I'm a big sucker for those thick cards that were part of the box.  And look at Steve's forearms!

This, however, was the biggest Garvey card of the lot, and the biggest in my collection - I haven't busted out my ruler yet, but I believe it's 3" x 5".  Seeing the uniform details a little clearer reminds me of a tweet that… someone wrote recently:  Socks that look like stirrups are the clip-on ties of baseball uniforms.  Fortunately, Garv is not a victim of any such fashion fo paux.

Jim hit me up with a bunch of '71 Topps Padres, which is my all time favorite Topps set.  I already have the complete team set, but a few of these were good upgrades.  Man, looking at all of these together, I think I'd like to wallpaper a room with '71 Topps.  I don't know if it'd be hard to relax in that room though, with all those eyes looking at you.

Oh, here's a Rickey Henderson card that I couldn't believe I didn't already have.  I loved Rickey during his time on the Padres, but, to be honest, a lot of the cards that he had as a Padre are kinda subpar.  This, however, is great, and probably my favorite Padre card of Rickey.

Jim also stashed this away into the package.  I considered saving it for a rainy day and stashed it in my sock drawer, but after a few days, I decided that waiting for rain in Texas is a fools errand, so I opened it up.  Can't remember where I put the cards though.  I remember I pulled a shiny Kirby Puckett and a half panel sticker of Garry Templeton.

Thanks for the trade Jim!  While the rest of us mourn the loss of your incredibly insightful blog posts, I can take solace in the fact that your incredible writing and research will no longer subject me to looking at pictures of Dodger cards.  I guess Night Owl will have to carry that torch by himself now.

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  1. That might be the most Rickey card ever. As usual, a fantastic selection of cards from Jim.