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Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Cards, Part 4

Alright, the last quick installment of my now not-very-recent Just Commons purchase.  

After being told that I'd be going on a professional development trip to San Antonio for my school, I rummaged around until I found a card of the Alamo from an Allen & Ginter set.  I then found out that the Alamo had been in three A&G sets.  I went the cheap eBay route with one, but this one from the "Palaces & Strongholds" insert set from 2013 came from JC.  I dig it.

For my Miscellaneous Padres binder, a general guideline that I follow with most of the players is that there are no more than five cards per player.  It's a rule that I break a few times, but follow it enough to say that it's at least at "guideline" status.  Well, I had more than five Aki Otsuka cards, but I liked these ones way better.

Here's some more fodder for the Miscellaneous Padres binder.  I know I had that Ollie Brown card at one point, and I know I wouldn't knowingly trade it/discard it, but alas, I can't find it, so I got it here.  The Greg Vaughn and John Flaherty cards remind me how much I really dug '97 Stadium Club set when I was a kid.  Still like it now.  Both of these Chris Gomez cards edge their way into the top 5, along with a shades-wearing Goose Gossage and a bat-wielding Andy Hawkins.  Will Venable, who is  a Padre that I've had a big love-hate relationship with, makes an appearance here, since I figured he'd be gone at the trading deadline, and it'd be good to have something to remember him by.  I was almost right - he stayed after the deadline, but was dealt later to the Rangers.  Post forthcoming.  You know, sometime.

At this point, I was super close to the needed $15 for free shipping, so I tacked on a few 2013 Pinnacle cards.  Not chasing the whole set, but I really like it, so I wanted to have a good, solid page of cards I liked from it.  These replaced a few guys that I liked, but didn't love.  James Shields is a current Padre, and Pence and Jones are two of my favorite non-Padres in the league right now, so they did the job.

This is my 14th post of the month, which is tied for the most posts in a month for the 2015 year.  If that's not reason enough to smile, the Padres won today and the Dodgers got no-hit.  Good job baseball gods.

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