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Friday, August 21, 2015

New Cards, Part 2

Like I mentioned yesterday, I made a Just Commons purchase recently.  Instead of making one big post, I divided it up into a few.  Been busy getting ready for the upcoming school year, but last night I had a successful "Meet The Teacher Night", so that's good.  Anyways, here are three cards that I got that don't really fall into any category.

They're not Padres, they don't round out team sets, they're not guys that I collect.  But I still wanted 'em.

This is my first Cody Decker card.  If you have a Twitter account, I'd highly recommend following Cody (@Decker6), he's pretty funny and very personable.  He's basically a folk hero in El Paso, they really love him there, though hopefully he gets a shot in San Diego before the end of the season.  His contract runs out in the offseason, and he's been doing well, though not spectacular in AAA the past few seasons.

When it comes to my "Cards With My Kid's Names On Them" collection, my Foster collection is pretty much dominating my Harper and Maxwell collection.  Here's my third Maxwell card, and though  it's probably the least interesting of the trio, I still like it.  '96 Fleer was a good set, and this is a good shot for what I believe is Maxwell's rookie card.  Jason played in 110 games over three seasons, one with the Cubs in '98 and two with the Twins in '00 and '01.  

I mentioned on my birthday (the anniversary of Tony Gwynn's 2,000th and 3,000th hit) that Dan Smith was the Expos pitcher who gave up Tony's 3,000th hit.  I have an autographed card of Bruce Ruffin, who gave up the 2,000th hit (a game I was at), but had nothing for Smith.  Well, problem solved.  From what I can tell, this is Smith's only card as an Expo.

Well, just like I said, no Padres, no team sets, still good cards.  More to come some other time.

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  1. That tidbit about Dan Smith has me thinking about what a collection of guys who were on the opposite end of famous events would look like. Tracy Stallard (gave up Maris's 61st homer in '61), Al Downing (Hank Aaron's 715th), maybe even Derek Bell (Kerry Wood's 20th strikeout victim in his epic game in '98). Now you've got me curious...