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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Top 5 Allen & Ginter Cards

Is Allen & Ginter coming out soon?  I feel like it is.  Yep, I just checked, and it's supposed to be available tomorrow.  I'm sure I could check eBay and find images of cards already, but I'll probably be one of those people who don't see it for quite a while after it comes out.  The Walmart in my town only recently got Stadium Club, so we'll see how it goes.

Anyways, A&G is an interesting set, since, well, you kind of always know what you're going to get with the set.  White background with a splash of color, some type of intricate border, solid but not too solid card stock, and with very few exceptions, basic/standard baseball poses.  Always enough random people or things (like comedians, bowlers, and national parks) to keep it interesting, and usually a mini in every pack.  It's a formula that they've nailed pretty well and a lot of collectors like, myself included.

So, when choosing my favorite Padre cards from Allen & Ginter sets, it was a little difficult, since they all have a pretty similar formula (well, at least the base cards).  Take a look and see what you think.

#5 - Khalil Greene (2008)
When it came down to it, player selection was pretty important.  There were some more interesting poses by players like Chase Headley and Adrian Gonzalez, but as a Padre fan, it's hard to be big fans of those guys, considering they were unwilling to stay in San Diego, and were subsequently traded (not that I fault anybody for bolting for more money, it's just hard to feel sympathetic when I compare their paycheck to mine).  Anyways, Khalil is one of my all-time favorite Padres, and for a guy that was known for being very stoic, a close-lipped look without even a hint of a smile seems very fitting.  Serious posing here from Khalil.

 #4 - Kyle Blanks (2010)
I went on a hiatus of following the Padres seriously that ended in 2011.  From what I've gathered, I didn't really miss much in terms of winning, but unfortunately, I missed out on Kyle Blank's mini-afro stage.  He's one of my favorite in terms of recent Padres, but since I never got to see this sweet hairdo in action, I just have to enjoy it through baseball cards.  Like this one.

#3 - Tony Gwynn (2012)
This is one of the best Tony Gwynn cards to come out after his playing days.  Great photo, nice border design, and plenty of that good old brown and yellow.  I feel like maybe I should've placed this one higher (though it did win "Card of the Year" in my 2012 countdown).

#2 - Tony Gwynn N43 Box Toppers (2012)
I placed this one ahead of the previous Gwynn, mostly because this is a card that's a little tougher to find.  While I am still a big fan of base cards, when I got this card in the mail from my buddy Mark Kaz, it was love at first sight.  Well, at least the cardboard equivalent of that.  I'm not gonna propose or anything, I'm happily taken.

#1 - Wally Joyner framed mini autograph (2013)

While I would've preferred a better shot of Wally - preferably with the orange and blue from the '98 season, when Joyner helped lead the team to the World Series.  Still, the fact that Joyner got an autograph in the set, and it wasn't with the Angels (which would've definitely been understandable) is pretty cool in my book.  As far as I know, there have been three Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) that have played for the Padres - Joyner, Bruce Hurst, and Dane Iorg.  As a kid, I remember watching Wally and dreaming that I'd be the fourth, but it wasn't meant to be.  Middle school me would've been stoked to have this one.  Thirty year old me is pretty stoked too.

Anyways, one of the main reasons I made this Allen & Ginter related post was to also promote a series of contests over at a new-to-me-blog: Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits.  I love good alliteration, and so far, I've enjoyed his posts as well.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.  Padres have won five straight, and I got some new-to-me Gwynn cards in the mail yesterday, so I'm doing pretty good.


  1. I forgot all about that Gwynn box-topper! Glad you're still enjoying that!

    I'm kinda lukewarm with A&G. The cards tend to be very attractive, yes, but I can't get into the idea of this set. I'll probably pick up one of those three-pack hanger things and, of course, all the Mets cards. But nothing more. I mean, I can do without cards of Guy Fieri or John the Baptist. Although, a John the Baptist XRC would be pretty dope!

  2. The 2012 A&G Gwynn is one of my favorite A&G cards in recent memory. Love the box topper as well.

  3. Very cool Joyner. Also... you know I love that Gwynn. One of my favorites is a Chris Young Ginter card. Can't remember the year, but someone sent me a copy and that image really stood out.