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Thursday, July 2, 2015

I'm All Out Of Practice

It seems like so long since I've written a trade post.  I don't blame anyone but myself.  I'm slow to get to the post office, and I don't usually have a lot to trade.

I also have a hard time coming up with catchy names for trade posts.

Anyways, here is a basic trade post for one of my first real trades in a long time (though I still have "charity cards" or "goodwill cards" that come my way via bloggers and friends who take pity on me for being a Padres fan, or who just dump cards that nobody in their right mind would ever want - except me).

After busting a blaster box of Archives, Chris from Nachos Grande sent me a link to his want list, and I was able to send him about 40 cards (39, if I remember correctly) or so that he needed for the base set, and here's what he kindly sent in return.

Chris has some pretty organized trade lists, so I cherry picked a few cards that piqued my interest.  Here's a pair of non-standard sized cards that look pretty cool.  The Middlebrooks is from last year's Archives set, and though I've thinned out my "Padres in other uniforms" section of my collection, this one was definitely worth getting.  I'm a HUGE Kouzmanoff fan, probably a little ridiculously so, so this one was a no brainer as well.

I'm a little weird about my Padres Topps team sets.  For some (like this year's and 2012), I just put the base set together, no parallels.  In 2013, I put together a team set of the emerald parallels, and last year, i did it in sections (Series 1 = yellow parallels, Series 2 = orange parallels, Update = base).  But in 2011, my first year in collecting, I put together a smorgasbord of parallels together.  It's the biggest Padres set in the past five years, and every page has at least three different "types" of cards (cognac, diamond, black, and throwback parallels, along w/base cards).  I think I might try to see if I can build the whole diamond parallel set though, because those are my favorites.  There are 36 cards in all, and I these Tejada and Eckstein cards make it 10 of the diamond ones.  Maybe I'll look into building this a little more.

Chris also sent a few random Padres that fit nicely into my collection.  I love cards of Fernando as a Padre, and especially of him batting.  John Flaherty was one of my favorite Padres as a kid, a scrappy catcher acquired in '96 at the trade deadline, who promptly went on a 27-game hitting streak, the third longest all time streak by a catcher, behind former Padres Sandy Alomar Jr. (30 games) and Benito Santiago (34 games).

Last but not least, some custom minis that were just flat out awesome.  I've seen these on a few other blogs, but they are definitely cool to have in hand.  Chase Headley doesn't have a lot of goodwill among Padres fans, both for his on-field performance (with the exception of 2012), and his inability to make a deal with the Padres (though most Padre fans acknowledge that the Padres played a big part in that snafu as well).  And while I've cleared my collection of a few of his cards, this is definitely one that I'll be hanging onto.  We had some good times, Chase.  Thanks for signing a ball for me two Spring Trainings in a row.

Thanks Chris!  Nice to be trading again!

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