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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

GWYNNsday Additions

I checked out my archived posts for this year, and so far, the most I've posted in a month has been 10 time, done in consecutive months (May and June).  I actually considered throwing up a quick double post yesterday just to say that I had a new record for the year, but with school out, I'm confident I'll be posting at least a little more regularly in July, so no need to cook the numbers.

Here's to July!  Wow, time's really moving fast, blah blah blah, let's look at some baseball cards.

Being the big Tony Gwynn collector that I am, I'm pretty light on "hits" of his.  This is in fact only the sixth relic card I have of Tony's (five jersey swatches to 1 bat chip).  It's the first, however, that's not a totally solid color.  Always cool to get a pinstripe.  This is from the 2013 Topps set, and while I thought the regular "Chasing History" inserts were super lame, this card looks pretty great.  I snagged this one for 99 cents, and even with a regular shipping fee, I'd consider this a steal.

The next two Gwynn's were an even better deal: I got them from Robert, he of $30 A Week Habit.  Cards from card bloggers > cards from eBay.

Robert initially messaged me on Twitter (I don't know why, but it seems so much easier than sending an email) and asked if I needed this Gwynn card from this year's Topps Series 2 set.  Well, I most certainly did, so he was kind enough to send it my way.  While I can't say that I'm a big fan of the design of this one, I guess that goes on par with the rest of the recent insert sets that Topps has come up with.  Hard to complain too much, especially when it means there's more Tony Gwynn cards to chase down.

He also sent me over a pair of bonus Gwynn's, and while one was a duplicate for me, this one was not. I really had to do some research on this one to find out what name I should put on it for my cataloging purposes (just a regular-old Google Drive spreadsheet), but it turns out that the info was right there on the bottom right corner.  This is from the Upper Deck HoloGrFX set.  While that's a pretty stupid name for a baseball card set, at least it looks pretty awesome.

Speaking of Gwynn-related additions, there was an addition that trumped my whole collection yesterday:

Tony Gwynn Jr. announced via Twitter that Tony Gwynn III was born!  That is pretty awesome.  The world needs more Tony Gwynn's, and I'll take 'em any way that I can get 'em.  Congrats to Tony Jr. and his family.

Have a great GWYNNsday everybody!


  1. I almost picked up that 2015 Topps Series II card, but I just can't quite pull the trigger on it yet. Nice post about "Trey."

  2. More Gwynns = Good for America.