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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From San Antonio!

I got a lot of great people offering trades after my Allen & Ginter post yesterday, and I realized that it was probably the worst time to be offering trades, since I just headed out of town, and away from my card collection.

I'm currently in San Antonio, for a quick three day TEKS seminar (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).  The elementary school I teach at sends a group of about ten teachers to San Antonio every year for a conference, and the last two years, I've been able to be part of the group.  Aside from learning good stuff, it's nice to get to explore San Antonio, which is about 2.5 hours south of where we live.

Here's the view from my room.  A little tough to tell here, but right at the bottom is the Riverwalk, which is pretty cool.  To put it bluntly, the hotel the school district put us up in is a lot nicer than any hotel that I've ever stayed in and payed for with my own money.  I'm not complaining at all!

My favorite spot in San Antonio is the Alamo, which I referenced in my last post.  I've been to the Alamo four times, by my count, but yesterday was the first time I'd been there at night.  It closed at 5:30, but seeing it lit up at night was very cool.  I actually brought an Allen & Ginter card of the Alamo from the 2009 set so I could take a picture of them together, but since it was so dark (this picture was taken after 9:00), I figured I'd wait until it was day time.

Alright, this doesn't really tie in to San Antonio at all, but this was the last card that I got in the mail before leaving (it actually came Saturday).  According to my Google Drive list, this is Archi Cianfrocco card number 82.  I already had the '97 Fleer card, but this is the glossy (Tiffany) version.  I'm always surprised by the kinds of Cianfrocco cards that've popped up, just when I think I've seen 'em all.  Aesthetically, this might be one of my favorite Archi cards from his Padre days (his minor league cards are still among my favorites), really like the borderless design with the sharp color contrast and the blue outline for the nameplate.  I really like the matte-feel of the '97 Fleer set, but the glossy might be even better.

Anyways, yeah, I'm in San Antonio right now, but when I get back into town, I should have everything ready to go to the post office on Friday.  Since my "room-mate" (the only other male teacher at our school) had something pop up and he had to cancel, my wife is bringing the kids down today to spend the last two nights together.  It should be fun, though I probably won't get to be as social with the rest of the group (though if I'm being honest, I'm not sure I really saw that happening anyways).  The big upside for me (besides obviously getting to have a little mini-vacation with the fam (and not having to pay for a hotel), is that I'll be able to catch a San Antonio Missions game on Thursday.  I was wondering how I'd get down here for what has become my "annual game", and it turns out that they're coming back into town on Thursday, just before I leave, so I'll be able to catch them.  That should be fun, always love minor league games.

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  1. I've always wanted to visit the Riverwalk. It sounds like a neat experience.
    Have fun on your last days before the school year starts up again!