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Friday, July 17, 2015

Fresh Cards

I bought another pack of Stadium Club a few days ago.  Nothing noteworthy, at least not enough to post about.  Just good looking cards, but no fancy parallels, and certainly none of the really good stuff.  You know, the Padres.

But that's why it pays to have friends who collect.  I got a slick PWE from my long time blogging buddy Mark over at This Way To The Clubhouse…  He sent me the stellar looking Andrew Cashner card you see above, as well as the rad Cory Spangenberg card you see below.

Cory Spangenberg is a bit of a bust, at least in terms of where he was drafted (10th overall pick in 2011, just ahead of George Springer/11th, Jose Fernandez/14th, Sonny Gray/18th), but he's had a serviceable start to his career, as something of a utility guy, playing mostly second, but occasionally third (as it shows on his card here).  I love this card, because I recognize the picture.  It was taken just before he reached home after hitting his first career home run - a pinch hit walk off job against baseball card enthusiast Brad Ziegler.

Love seeing moments you remember on baseball cards, and this was one of the few memorable moments from last year's dismal Padres season.

Of note in Mark's PWE was this Chris Denorfia card.  I do a pretty lousy job keeping up with the other 29 baseball teams, but even though Chris Denorfia was traded (to the Mariners last year, then signed as a free agent with the Cubs this year), I still follow his career and root for him.  Norf is still my favorite current player, at least until I can find a suitable Padre replacement.  Derek Norris seems like he could be the guy, though Wil Myers or James Shields seem like they could have what it takes too.  Though, to be honest, it could just be Yangervis Solarte.  Oh, but I really like this card.  Deno's always rocking a pretty solid sock game.

Despite those three gems above, this was my favorite card of the bunch.  I'm not really even much of a Steve Garvey fan - he's still too much of a Dodger for me - but there's something about this card I just love.  I don't even like the gold borders of the 2002 Topps set.  Maybe it's just the "Who Would Have Thought?" scroll across the bottom.  Maybe it's that Dodger Garv is smirking at Padres Garv, who's in an… interesting pose, along with what appears to be a McDonald's wristband on his left arm.  Just awesome.

Speaking of Stadium Club, this wasn't sent by Mark, but it came in the mail the same day.  There are a few Padre autographs to be had in this year's edition of Stadium Club, and Rymer Liriano's is one of them.  Even though last year was a pretty embarrassing year for the Padres (including an historically bad offense), I still like seeing the Tony Gwynn and Jerry Coleman memorial patches, so to add an autograph to a card already featuring those two things was pretty cool, especially when adding it cost less than five bucks shipped.

Thanks Mark!  You're awesome!


  1. I have to say Denorfia is quickly becoming a favorite here in Chicago. The man has been on a tear lately and we Cubs fans seem to have an usual attachment to scrappy guys who hustle.

  2. I'm tempted to buy more packs of TSC, but the price per card...I just can't pull the trigger. If I'm gonna pay half a buck for a card I might as well go to Sports Lots or Just Commons and get the ones I want. Maybe I'm just cheap or not fun or whatever. LOL