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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Also Known As GWYNNsday

Has anyone busted any Diamond Kings packs?  This is a kind of (at least for me) under the radar release.  Haven't seen any in the Walmart or Target near me, and of course, since it's a Panini product, there are no logos.  Still, I've been impressed with how creative Panini has been, and in many ways,  have put out better cards than Topps has.

Here's one example.

Anytime you can reference Tony Gwynn's nickname as "Mr. Padre", I think you've got a winner.  Their "Also Known As" inserts are kind of similar to 1993 Triple Play's insert set "Nicknames".  This is a stellar card, snatched off eBay for a buck and change.  Gwynn card number 625.

It's late, but hope y'all had a great GWYNNsday.  Since I'm on summer vacation (one of the perks of being a teacher), I forgot what day it was, and was only able to think of it after trying to figure out the last time I showered (Sunday, before church).

Don't worry, I cleaned up, and still had time for a quick before-it-became-Thursday post.

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  1. No intentions of busting any Panini products in 2015... but sooner or later, I'll pick up this card for my binder. Hope you're enjoying your summer break.