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Monday, June 29, 2015

Top 5 Peavy's (Peavies?)

I've been procrastinating shipping out some big pieces of my Padres collection to a few of my fellow Padre collectors, but I finally got paid, so hopefully I'll get those out to Zach, Duff, and Gavin this week.

I'm not sure what spurred the desire for the "thinning of the herd", but it might've been a guy like Jake Peavy.

Jake Peavy is one of the all time great Padres, which is probably as weird for me to type as it is for you to read.  He's not retired, and has now spent more seasons away from the Padres (nine) as he spent in San Diego (eight).  He is one of the four Padres to win the Cy Young award (joining Randy Jones, Gaylord Perry, and Mark Davis), and is among the franchise leaders in the big pitching stats like strikeouts (1st), wins (tied for 2nd), WHIP (3rd), ERA (4th), games started (4th), and innings pitched (4th).

As far as baseball cards go, winning awards and being one of the few good players on a bad, small market team, means that you'll get a lot of them.  And when it came down to it, he was really big during a time in my life (end of high school, beginning of college, getting married) when I wasn't really following the Padres too closely.  So, I decided that I wanted to keep the best of the best, and send the rest on their merry way.

Here are the top five Jake Peavy cards, in my humble opinion.

#5 - 2006 Topps Finest #118
Seems like some of the chrome cards I've scanned recently haven't looked too sharp, and this one is no different, but I really like how it looks in hand.  Also, I like having my cards serve as a document of some of the uniforms the Padres have worn throughout their maligned history, and the all-khaki/sand uniforms are ones that I'll never be able to forget, for better or for worse.

#4 - 2008 Goudey Big League mini (red back) #49
I usually prefer my cards to be regular sized, but mini's seem cool, right?  Fortunately, these mini's aren't the super-tiny size, like you see in Gypsy Queen or Allen & Ginter.  These are a little more substantial, and I like these.

#3 - 2001 Bowman #397
I really dig the pitcher-tossing-the-ball-up-in-the-air pose, it's pretty rad.  Couple that with the last of the white and orange interlocking "SD" on the hat, and it's definitely a keeper.  

#2 - 2008 Upper Deck (checklist) #369
Alright, if uniforms enter into the equation when determining how awesome a card is, then it's hard not to put this one near the top of my whole collection, let alone the Jake Peavy list.  This is one of my favorite cards of the '00s.  I'm a big fan of bringing back the brown to the Padres uniforms, but the yellow is also an important part of that combination.  Jeez, this is awesome.

#1 - 2001 Topps "Prospects" (w/ Phil Wilson & Darwin Cubillan) #728
This is one of my all time favorite cards.  Well, at least among my non Gwynn/Cianfrocco/Coleman cards.  Not only is it Peavy's rookie card, but Phil Wilson also makes an appearance on it.  I went to high school with Phil Wilson, and though I didn't know him very well (I think we might've had a class together, but I could just be imagining that), it's kinda cool to think that a guy from my town made made it onto a baseball card (well, there's been a few, including Tony Gwynn Jr., but the more the merrier).  The combo of Phil and Peavy makes this the number one in my book.

Alright, are there any Peavy cards I'm missing here?  I think I'll keep the Peavy section of my Miscellaneous Padres binder at a lean five cards, so if I get any more that bump their way up, I might have to give one of these the heave ho.  But I can't imagine any Peavy card inching past these top three.

EDIT: As noted in the comments by Adam K., another reason to like both the Topps trio card and the Bowman is that Peavy's name is spelled incorrectly (adding an extra "E", though it's tough to see with the foil on both cards).  Peavy = Former Cy Young pitcher.  Peavey = Guitar making company.


  1. The Upper Deck throwback uni is spectacular.

  2. Agree with JJ. It's funny how some of the best cards from 2008 UD happen to be checklist cards!

  3. I thought you'd have mentioned something about Peavy's name being misspelled on the trio card.