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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Guys With The Names

Quick post for today.  I got a rad PWE a few days ago from Johnny's Trading Spot.  It was one of those rare kind of deliveries in which I didn't receive a single Padre card.

Weird, right?

It was actually a happy coincidence that it came my way around Father's Day, since each of the cards he sent had the names of my sons on them.  Well, sorta.

My oldest son is almost two and a half, and since he was born, I've become fond of cards with the name "Foster" on them.  Alan Foster ones are cool, since he is the only Foster to also play for the Padres.  This particular card is also pretty badly miscut, which adds some character to it.

I really don't know a whole lot about Steve Foster, but I've liked a lot of his cards that I've come across.  I think my favorite of the bunch is his '93 Topps Gold card, and now I have his base card, along with the micro card.  Always interesting to see cards of the same player side by side when they have different numbers - #63 on the '92 card and #54 on the '93 card.

And it wasn't just baseball cards.  Football and basketball were also included.  I haven't heard anything about either Barry of Jeff, but I'll look into them later and see what I can find out.

Alright, so there's no name on the front of this one, and it's not a Foster, but it's still a good one.  My second son's middle name is Coleman, after this very player, Yankee second baseman Jerry Coleman.  He is better known (well, at least by Padre fans) as the radio voice of the Padres for many years.  I already have a copy of this card that is autographed (bought it off eBay), so it's cool to have a regular copy of it too.

Thanks a lot Johnny!  I'll have to find a batch of Braves to ship over your way!  You're really too kind.

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