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Friday, June 26, 2015

Perpetually Late

What's that?  Topps Stadium Club has been released, and unlike last year, it's (eventually going to be be) available to people who aren't near a hobby store?  You don't say!  That's marvelous!

Unfortunately, things are moving a little slower around here, so I'm just getting to Topps Series 2.  Topps went from having Yasiel Puig on the wrapper to Buster Posey, so that's a double kick to the groin for this fan of a non-Giants/Dodgers team in the NL West.  But we're used to that.

No changes in design or anything from Series 1, but here was my favorite card from my hanger pack.  Pat Neshek is a pretty cool guy, and a former Padre to boot, so that's good.

Here were the two Padres I pulled.  Cameron Maybin was traded to Atlanta right before the season started, along with a few other players, in exchange for Craig Kimbrel and Melvin Upton Jr.  While it is pretty cool to have Kimbrel, Maybin finally seems to be playing well, and the player formerly known as BJ is pretty horrible AND has one of the worst contracts in the game right now.  Also, an elite closer on a team that's below .500 is a luxury that I'm not sure the Padres will be able to afford.  Speaking of relief pitchers that might not be on the Padres for long, I also snagged this card of Joaquin Benoit.

Here were the two parallels that I pulled.  I kinda like the Lorenzo Cain card, and the rainbow foil parallels are pretty cool, I guess.  Still not as cool as the emerald parallels from 2013 or the diamond & cognac parallels from 2011.  I didn't know that J.J. Hardy was still playing baseball.  Not that he's old or anything, but he is older than me.  Every year, there are fewer and fewer of guys like that.  As of right now, there are only four players older than me on the Padres (Shawn Kelley, James Shields, Clint Barmes, and Will Venable).

Here are some of the inserts that I got.  Remember getting inserts in packs as a kid?  Didn't those seem like the coolest cards in the pack?  When did that change?   Other than a few Archives inserts a few years ago and some of the Opening Day inserts, there are very few inserts that Topps has made that I like.  Oh, I forgot about some of the mini cards from the last few years, but yeah, these are ugly.

The "'Til It's Over" inserts are a little better, and I like 'em enough, since they're referencing games played last year.  A Royals hot pack, huh?  We'll probably see both of those guys in the All-Star game, right?

We'll end on another former-Padre-relief-pitcher note.  Huston Street seems like a pretty rad guy as well (on Twitter last year, he had a series called #SpyOnCarlos, in which he would take candid photos of teammate Carlos Quentin, usually eating PB&J sandwiches, sleeping on the team flight, or lifting weights while other players posed in the background).  He's gotta have the funniest looking "pitcher face", usually jutting out his lower jaw and sticking his tongue out slightly.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say that this card was photoshopped, but he was traded to the Angels last year.  There's no way they'd do that, right?

EDIT:  I was right (?), the Huston Street card WASN'T photoshopped.  Thanks to RAZ for doing the detective work.  I didn't think Topps couldn't be THAT lazy, but I wasn't SUPER confident.


  1. You're late? I didn't even know Topps Series 2 was even out.

  2. That Huston Street is not a Photoshop job: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/huston-street-of-the-los-angeles-angels-pitches-against-the-news-photo/456058112