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Monday, June 22, 2015

I Finally Found Some Archives

I hope everybody had a great Father's Day.  While we didn't do too much here, it was still a good one for me.  My kids are great, but the four year old is the only one who really "gets" it, so she gave me a book about myself.  The two year old gave me a Kit Kat that I got to eat a fourth of.  And the five month let me take a 15 minute nap before waking me up this afternoon.  I called my dad and talked for a bit, which was nice.

I decided late on Saturday night that since we needed to hit the store to get some cheese (Tillamook, which is the best cheddar cheese on the planet), if I found some Archives, I'd treat myself for Father's Day. Well, I did, so here I am.

This wasn't my first card, but it's easily my favorite.  Great pose, great colors, and I think the '76 design looks really good with most of the cards on this set.  Jesse Hahn is a former Padre (traded to the A's with RJ Alvarez for catcher Derek Norris), and was one of my favorite players last year.  Norris is one of my favorite players this year, so I guess I'm alright with the trade, though I would've rather AJ Preller sent someone else besides Hahn.  But this card is great, and a keeper in my book.

These were the only two Padres I pulled.  Was really hoping for the Gwynn, but either way, I need 'em all for the team set.  I'm not really much of a team set builder as of late, because some sets like Gypsy Queen or Donruss aren't super appealing to me.  However, the Padres checklist for this year's Archives is pretty good.  I do wish they'd included the aforementioned Derek Norris, and that they'd mixed it up a bit with the design choice - six of the eight Friars are featured on the '83 set, and the Will Farrell Padre card is in that design as well.  Still, much better than previous years Padres Archives base team sets ('12 - 0 cards, '13 - 2 cards, '14 - 1 card).

Speaking of Will Ferrell, I guess his cards fall in every blaster, so here's the one I got.  Not looking to keep it, so if anyone needs it, lemme know.  I think I might make an eBay run through my trade box to clear some stuff out, so if nobody claims it, it might end up there.

Man, I do not envy those poor, poor souls who are after the SPs.  Of the eight packs, this Rob Dibble card was the only one I got.  The Bryce Harper was a pleasant surprise, as this is the silver parallel version of his card, numbered to 199.  I was hoping to pull a cool insert, though this version of Archives seems to have skimped a little bit on them (Remember the cloth stickers or the 3D cards?  Those were rad).  However, this next card more than made up for that...

Alright!  An autograph!  Archives is not a perfect set by any stretch, but they seem to kill it in the autograph department.  I cleaned out some of my Padres autographs recently, but there's no way that I'm parting with the Bip Roberts and Benito Santiago autos from the last couple of years.  Anyways, I haven't taken a good look at the auto list, but being a kid of the early 90s, John Franco is a pretty cool pull.  I already contacted Mark over at This Way To The Clubhouse…, and he claimed it, so I'll get that out to you shortly.

All in all, I like Archives.  Not quite as much as Heritage, but above Gypsy Queen.  There are definite things I'd change about the brand, and I miss the cool inserts, but the cards look pretty good on their own.  Here are my favorite of each of the three designs they chose for this year's set.

Here's the best of the retired guys.  GREAT shots of Roberto and Bench, though the colors they chose for the Pirates and the Reds seem a bit off.  I'm not a big fan of Roberto Alomar, but the color scheme and the picture choice look pretty solid.

Here's my favorites of the current guys.  I'm glad that I can like Dee Gordon, now that he's on the Marlins.  The brown and bright blue seems like an odd choice, but I think it actually looks good.  Though I am a big fan of brown anyways.  The Granderson falls into the same category as the Alomar above.

Well, I have a blaster's worth of cards, and the only ones that I'm planning on keeping are the Padres and the Hahn card at the top, so if you have a want list, point me towards it so we can work out a trade.  I've already got the base set of Padres coming my way from my buddy Zach, but if you've got some Gwynn's I don't already have or some other cool Padres, we can work something out.


  1. I'm hoping to complete the Archives set - here's the link to my want list: http://fanofreds.blogspot.com/p/my-want-list.html

  2. That was a great blaster of that stuff! I've opened a few and to get the Ferrell, a silver, an SP, and an auto is incredible. I've haven't pulled an SP yet, but I did pull a gold parallel from one and a silver each from the others. Congrats!

  3. Looks like a solid blaster there! You actually beat the odds (by far) with the SP because I think they only fall around 1:50 retail packs (or about six blasters). My sympathy goes out to set builders.

    If no one else claims it, would you mind putting aside the Ferrell for me? I think I'm actually going to try and build the set. And if you happen to have any of my Archives needs listed at the link below, that would be much appreciated. Thanks, sir.


  4. I am so geeked about that Johnny Franco auto!!!