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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Almost all the Padres from 2015 Archives

Yesterday, I got an envelope from my buddy Zach, the Underdog Card Collector.  Zach went in on a few group breaks for 2015 Archives, and he had a boatload of dupes to share (he probably still has some, if you're a Padres fan).  I had already pulled a couple from a blaster of the stuff a few weeks back, but he filled in the rest of the six cards I needed to complete the base set.  Very rad!

The majority of the Padres team set is in the 1983 design, possibly in tribute to Tony Gwynn, the first card on the checklist to use the design.  While I guess that's nice, I would've preferred them mixing it up a little bit, or putting them all in the same design.  The lack of symmetry looks a little off to me.  Still, hard to complain, since the previous three years of Archives had a grand total of THREE cards in the base set.  This is much better, though expanding the base set by 100 cards probably helped with that.

You can tell who the newcomers to the Padres are, because all four of them are wearing Spring Training jerseys.  While I don't like those jerseys at all, at least they're not photoshopped.  Cory Spangenberg's image came from a shot from last year, as evidenced by the Jerry Coleman sleeve patch and the Tony Gwynn patch near his heart.  I'm pretty sure that the Tyson Ross and Ian Kennedy photos came from the same shoot that they used for last year's Heritage set.  The Gwynn card has the Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary patch, which was worn by the league in 1997.

Of all these cards, I like most of 'em well enough, but the Kennedy is a total eyesore.  I LOVE the brown and yellow border design, but coupled with the, uh, non-brown uniform, and it just looks bad.  Sure the brown and green borders for the '83 design don't look great, but the '76 design is tough to look at.

On top of that, on the same day I got Zach's cards, I also got this pair of Padres in the mail as well.  I'm not a huge parallel hunter, but I think I'm really going to like James Shields, and I actually got to watch him pitch in Spring Training (though he got kicked around pretty hard by the Brewers, of all teams), so when I saw a cheap copy of this silver parallel card numbered to 199, I pounced on it.  It was especially sweet, because I was able to get one of the "All-Star Rookie" inserts from the same seller (combined shipping!).  Rymer Liriano was all set to get a bunch of playing time this year, before AJ Preller re-hauled the outfield with Justin Upton & Matt Kemp (and to a lesser extent, Wil Myers, who struggled in center before being moved to first, before going on the DL).  Anyways, I like him enough, and if nothing else, the parody account @RhymingLiriano on Twitter has been entertaining to follow.

Cory Spangenberg also has a card in the "All-Star Rookie" inserts, so I'll try to hunt that down before laying the Archives to rest.  Justin Upton has a card in the "'68 Topps Game" inserts, but it says "STRIKE OUT" on it, and the good money is on Upton getting traded before the deadline, so I'm not in a rush to commemorate his likely short stay in San Diego.

Anyways, there you have it, almost all the Padres from 2015 Archives, a post that the masses have been clamoring for since the set was released.  You're welcome.

EDIT: Gavin reminded me that I also need the Will Ferrell Padres card, so yeah, if you've got that one, lemme know.


  1. Love that Topps went with the 1983 and 1976 card designs this year. Both are two of my personal favorites.

  2. Dude, I love those '90 All-Star Rookie inserts! I need to try to track down a set of those things!

  3. Don't forget the Will Ferrell Padres card!

    1. Ooh, yeah, I definitely need that one.