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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Gwynn's of 1995, pt. 3

Here's the third and final installment (well, at least for the foreseeable future) of The Gwynn's of 1995.  After looking at the base cards of the five major brands, and then some of the spin off sets of those brands.  Today, well… it's a little of everything, but primarily inserts.  How do they compare to each other according to my expert analysis?  Let's take a look

#5 - Studio Gold (no. 25)
I thought the idea of these "credit card"-style cards was pretty cool, and I never had any of these as a kid.  This is a gold one, don't know much about 'em, but it looks pretty cool - I wouldn't mind if my debit card looked more like this.  As far as photo selection goes, this is fairly boring.  Not many shots of Tony in spectacles, though.  While his .394 average listed on the front is otherworldly, the 64 RBI is rather pedestrian.  Glancing at his B-Ref page, his career high in RBI was 119 in 1997, though he only topped 70 in a season four times in his 20 year career.

#4 - 1995 Pinnacle Zenith (no. 104)
Man, I really love the Pinnacle brand, but while I think their designs look consistently pretty good, there aren't many of Tony that look great.  Zenith was a pretty cool set that I never heard of until I started blogging.  Like I said, snazzy design, fancy looking and all, but grades out as an "above average" Gwynn card by comparison.

#3 - 1995 Fleer Ultra (On Base Leaders, no. 11)
I can't remember when or where or how I got this card, but for some reason I must've overlooked it, because I didn't remember getting it.  Which is crazy, because I think it looks flat out awesome.  While some designs of the era (I'm thinking specifically of Flair, but there were probably others) had toyed with designs that had two images of the player on the front of the card, Ultra took it to the next level with the League Leaders cards and added a whopping THIRTEEN photos of Mr. Padre.  That it only graded in at number three on the countdown shows the stiff competition it was up against.

#2 - 1995 Stadium Club "Clear Cut" (no. #3)
Acetate cards are pretty rad.  I remember getting this one in a group break a while back.  I'm not a condition freak, but it's nice having a card that I don't have to worry about as I'm going about my frequent paging and re-paging activities dinging any corners.  I'm not aware of any other acetate cards that pre-date these, so if these are the first, well, that's gotta score you some pretty high marks.  Stadium Club is tough to top...

#1 - 1995 Score Summit "Nth Degree"
…but it can still be done.  Score Summit is another one that I hadn't heard of until I started blogging, and just now, I found out that this is a parallel called "Nth Degree", and according to baseballcardpedia.org, it is "printed on prismatic foil".  I got right back into baseball card collecting at the end of 2011, and I really dug the diamond parallels of 2011 Topps, and this is pretty similar to those.  While I have a lot of rad looking Gwynn's, this is one that definitely pops off the page.

Well, it took a little bit longer than I thought to get to this post, but I'm slowly but surely shaking off the blogging rust.  Hope y'all have a great Saturday.


  1. "Nth Degree" is a pretty stupid name for an insert/parallel series, but the shininess more than makes up for that. Great Gwynns.

  2. Love the shimmery Gwynn.. and "Nth Degree" makes me think of the great Morningwood song by that name.

  3. See-through Gwynns are always cool. Great list.

  4. Mr. Gwynn had some pretty cool cards that year. I'll have to find some more Nth Degree cards. I think I only have one.