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Friday, May 8, 2015

Mostly Gwynn's

Well, it's been a while since I've posted here, but I think I'm ready to make a comeback of sorts.  I've had a little time off from blogging, but I've used the time to (among other things) make sense of my card collection and sort and sift a few things out.  I've been the beneficiary of many, many Padre trade packages, and though it's tempting to keep it all, it's easier to enjoy it all when it's more streamlined (for me, at least).

Of course, one of the main pillars of my collection will be my Tony Gwynn collection.  I received a killer PWE from The Underdog Card Collector yesterday that had this gem of a Gwynn card in it.  Very cool card from Pinnacle Mint, that has a coin in it.  I actually have a different Gwynn from a different Pinnacle Mint set that is missing the coin.

By my last count, I had exactly 600 items in my Tony Gwynn spreadsheet, though some of those things aren't quite at the "card" status (coins, postcards, etc.)  This is another item that I'm not sure how to catalog.  This is from Julie over at A Cracked Bat.  She sent over a bunch of other cool Padre cards as well, but in the month plus of inactivity, I've forgotten which was which, so I apologize for that.  But check this out!  Very cool that she'd send over the box from a 2015 Donruss display for me, definitely a unique item to have.

I'll be trimming down my Padres collection shortly, so I'll be (hopefully) sending out some cards shortly, although that's always been the struggle since I've started this blog - getting to the post office.

A last note - one of the other things that has kept me busy (aside from school winding down, our three month old son, and just life in general): my four year old started softball!  I'm an assistant coach and it's pretty fun to watch/coach her and her team.  She's yet to get a hit in her first two games, and being the youngest and smallest on her team, she has only played outfield, and hasn't touched the ball yet.  But it's been lots of fun, and she's pretty freaking cute as well.

Look forward to posting again soon, take care my card collecting comrades!


  1. All of these Little League posts are awesome! Brings back great memories. I hope you and your daughter have a blast together.

    As for Gwynn... I'll definitely need to track down that Donruss box cover. Very cool.

  2. Glad you liked that box! I tucked in some old Padre posters too. Good to see you back!

  3. I agree with Fuji *and* Julie: I love these adorable Little League / family updates *and* it's good to see you back here, in the blogosphere!

    Awesome you and Gavin got the coin cards on the same day as they were going in opposite directions.

    I keep aspiring to "Gwynn Super Collector" status and then you and/or Gavin post something I don't have, and you post "...exactly 600 items..." and I realize I'm a "Gwynn Wee Man Collector" at this point, LoL.

    ...I need to get my first trade with Julie going soon, too. Hadn't reached out to her since back around the Michael Sam draft day, etc. (she was posting rad Press Pass auto's if I remember correctly).