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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Busy Busy

As some of you may know, I am a first grade teacher, and as of right now, I have eight days of school left.  For most teachers, this would be an exciting time, but I will still be doing three weeks of summer school, so I'm not getting too excited yet.  In the meantime, I have been a little busy to squeeze time in for my baseball-related hobbies, but I've had a few things come in the mail.

The first are these two Gwynn's from the 2015 Gypsy Queen set.  Both are minis - the one on the right is the base mini, and the one on the left is the photo variation.  Got 'em for 99 cents each, free shipping, though it looks like they're not in perfect condition.  I've heard that the mini variations are a lot easier to come across than the base variations, but I'm glad that Tony was included.

I got a package a few days ago from my buddy Zach, the Underdog Card Collector.  He got involved in a group break with 2015 Bowman, and had some extras to spare, so he sent a bunch of Padres my way.  While I'll be passing off a few of them to my first graders, there were a few I was really excited to get, namely the Gabriel Quintana's.  I saw him play last summer with the Lake Elsinore Storm, and on the same night he homered, I bought a game used (broken) autographed bat of his (shown here).  This is his first card shown in a Padre uniform (though I have a few of his minor league issues), so even though it's an obvious photoshop, it's still noteworthy.  Thanks Zach!

If you've been following the weather reports in Central Texas, it's been pretty rainy here.  It's put a damper on a lot of plans (and a lot of recesses).  Here's my son Foster, using my hat as an umbrella on our way out of the grocery store.  While it's been raining, it hasn't been cold, so it's not uncommon to see shorts and t shirts and umbrellas.

If anything, it's put a big wrench in our softball plans.  My daughter Harper has had a few games and practices cancelled because of rain (and an event in our town called "Rabbit Fest"), but here's a shot of picture day, which was squeezed in between thunderstorms.  She's played in three games so far, and has yet to reach base safely (much to my chagrin).  I'm an assistant coach, though I've probably taken the reigns a little more than the head coach expected (though she hasn't complained yet).  She fielded her first ground ball on Friday, and that was very noteworthy.  She's easily the youngest and smallest on her team (and probably the least skilled), but I am so proud of her, it's pretty ridiculous.

The Padres got back to their winning ways today, stomping the Dodgers 11-3, which was great to see.  They've been in a huge slump lately, and all the pre-season hype has the team looking like one huge bust, but hopefully this is the beginning of something big for them

Though I might trade it all away for Harper's first hit.  I know I'll easily be more excited about that than her.


  1. Those two Gwynns are awesome! Great way to celebrate our 2nd win in 9 games. Go Padres!

  2. I love your daughter's team name of Divas. I've coached middle school softball for the last fourteen years and I can think of a few teams where that nickname would have been all too appropriate.

    I think the Padres will come out of it. Sometime it takes teams a while to jell, and the Padres did acquire a TON of new talent during the off season.