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Thursday, February 19, 2015


I found out via Twitter yesterday that one of the favorite basketball players of my youth had passed away suddenly.  I haven't yet been able to find out the cause of death, but a quick google search showed me that Jerome Kersey had been active in the past few days in being active in the community, going to schools with other former Trail Blazers to talk about Black History Month.

It sounds weird saying that Kersey was one of my favorite Blazers.  Pretty much everybody vied for that number two spot behind Clyde Drexler.  Still, growing up, we didn't have cable, and the times that I could watch Blazer games were at a premium, so I lived Blazer basketball through two ways: basketball cards and the box score in the paper.

I was still more of a baseball card guy, but I had a few basketball cards, and Kersey always had a good enough looking box score, so despite never watching him play (basically), he became the number two guy in my head.  Kinda weird I guess, but that's how it works when you're eight.

I got a ton of Blazer cards from Kerry over at Cards on Cards a while back, and here's a full page of more Kersey's (I have 19 in all).  I am one of the least qualified to talk about Jerome Kersey, but from what I can tell, he seemed like a good guy, and definitely somebody who left the world earlier than others would've liked.

RIP Jerome.


  1. Well this is sad....I used to collect Kersey cards for the very simple (and only, admittedly) fact that we share the same birthday

  2. It was a shock to me too. He had surgery on last Friday and a blood clot formed and went to his lung and he was not able to survive. I remember watching him play when I first got into the NBA in 1996 and for several year afterwords, and he was far too young.