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Friday, February 13, 2015

I Still Love You Fred

Today is my 1st grade class' Valentine's Day party.  On the three days a year when we have a designated "party" time (last day before Christmas Break, Valentine's Day, and the last day of school), it's usually pretty fun, though I feel kinda bad for my students.  Most of the other teachers (women) have cute party-type things that they are doing, complete with goody bags and games.  Me?  Well, I kinda have those too, but I feel like they're subpar.

My strengths as a teacher include things like… teaching.  Making things look pretty?  Further down on the list.

However, on this "special day", I'd like to give some Valentine's Day love to my man Fred McGriff.  While I almost never don't usually ever show McGriff cards if he's not wearing a Padre uniform, this is one that I just needed to have:

Alright, technically he could be wearing a Padres batting helmet.  No way to tell with those photoshopped no-logo cards.  I'll give Panini the benefit of the doubt that this is from his days with Atlanta.

Anyways, when the Hall of Fame voting was announced and my man Fred McGriff was shafted again, I went digging around to see if there were any cards of his I could add, and I came across this one.  "Awaiting the Call"?  Yes, definitely an appropriate way to describe the Crime Dog.  I'll take it.

Nice little write up.  Emphasis on "little" - I can hardly read that!  I sincerely dug the 2013 Pinnacle set, from which this card originates, but man, talk about a misuse of space.  If you're not even going to include stats, how about utilizing the space a little better, huh?  Still, I was really bummed when Pinnacle didn't come back (again) in 2014, it was my favorite brand as a kid, and it would've been great to see it progress again.  With inserts like this one, I know I'd rip a few packs.

So, anyways, there you go Fred.  Happy Valentine's Day.

Don't open your goodie bag until you get home, some of these kids are allergic to peanuts.


  1. Pinnacle was a fave of mine too - esp 1994. I'll be sending a big stack of Padres for you soon!

  2. can you send me your address. I have something to send you and I can't find your address anywhere. padrographs at live dot com. Thank you

  3. Nice McGriff pick-up. The Crime-Dog was rather fun to watch during his Padres playing days.

  4. I thought you were gonna say you made up goodie bags for the kids stuffed with Padres card '88 Topps and '90 Donruss. LOL