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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A NEW (late) GWYNNsday

As you can tell, it is obviously not Wednesday, when my sporadic GWYNNsday posts pop up.  However, I received this card in the mail yesterday, so I'm sharing a belated GWYNNsday with you.  Man, this is only my 9th post of the year, and we're about the middle of February.  I'll blame this one on  the three kids that are three or younger (though the oldest turns four next week).

Anyways, the newest addition to my Gwynn binder, and Gwynn card number 562 (if my calculations are correct), is from this year's Topps series 1:

I almost complimented Topps for not using an image that they'd used before, but that would've been incorrect.  This picture also appears on the only Padre card in last year's Stadium Club release.  Granted, it looks a little different with the wordy-background, but this is still a recycled image.  Regardless, I still think it looks pretty good, love how the brown and orange works with the background color.  And Tony's wristband game is on point.

The back is a lot less exciting, but here it is anyways.  I've always loved hearing about Tony's ability to "hit it where they ain't" i.e. the "5.5 hole".  I'd be interested to see how he'd fare in today's game that uses fielding metrics to gauge the probability of where the ball will be hit.  I imagine that the 5.5 hole would be plugged up, but TG would probably find a way to poke it through somewhere else.

I remember a time that I was getting fed up with new Tony Gwynn cards to "have" to chase down, but I've definitely changed my tune.  Finding Gwynn's in modern sets is great (especially if it's a new image, but still nice even if they're not).  I know that I'm not the only one who enjoys it.


  1. I often flash back to this video from "This Week in Baseball" when I think about Tony Gwynn. I think he would have been able to adjust if they started to shift on him too much one way or the other.


  2. Wrist band game, on point for sure!

    We're only going to see a surplus of recycled Gwynn cards, but if card company designers can catch up with the rest of the graphic design and branding world, we could see a new era of awesomeness in cards...any...day...now...

    I remain naively optimistic!