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Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Few Freddies

Well, the Hall of Fame inductees were announced, and (big surprise) no former Padres were elected.  My hopes for Gary Sheffield weren't high, but I was hoping that Mike Piazza was going to get the call (yeah, remember he was a Padre?).  More than those two, I was hoping against hope that Fred McGriff was going to get in or at least get a good chunk of votes.  It didn't happen.

This was his 6th year on the ballot, and he pulled 12.9% of the vote, good for SIXTEENTH, behind players like Jeff Kent, Mike Mussina, nine players who should be in the Hall of Fame, and the four who were elected.  He's ranged from as high as 23.9% (2012) to as low as 11.7% (2014).

IS Fred McGriff a Hall of Fame player?  Maybe not.  Is he better than some players who have already been elected?  Yes.  Is that a good justification?  No.

Anyways, all that Hall of Fame talk got me jonesing to bust open my Player Collection binder and check out my Fred McGriff cards.  I recently purged my McGriff collection of non-Padres cards (moved them to the rarely used trade box, if anybody is so inclined, they're all Blue Jays), so it was nothing but the blue and orange Padres uniforms from '91 to '93.  Here's two pages worth of some of my favorites, though I only chose the ones that were vertical.

The Topps Black Gold card is one of my all time favorite cards, one I pulled out of a pack during the prime days of my McGriff fandom.  I was totally stoked.  The "Crime Dog" card from Triple Play is one of my favorites as well.  I should really give McGriff the "Top 10 Padre Cards" treatment.  That'd be up there.

Man, for a guy who only played two and a half seasons in San Diego, there sure are a lot of cards out there from crazy random sets.  The Topps Kids card in the top right is awesome, and the bottom right is from the D.A.R.E. set that was passed out to kids by police officers.  The black Leaf card at the top is from the Preview set, and the Topps card below it has the Rockies "Inaugural Year" foil stamp.

Not quite knowing how to end this post, I decided to add a few things that I tweeted about Fred McGriff.  I even changed my profile picture for a few days in the Crime Dog's honor, though you can now see my ugly mug there again.

In the (paraphrased) words of Greg aka Night Owl, "The HOF wins when they get under your skin.  You don't need the hall to celebrate past players.  Get a blog.  Write about how great they were."

Done.  And done.


  1. I was just talking about this with my dad a few hours ago. I definitely think McGriff should be in the Hall. It sounds stupid, but I think he'd get a lot more support if he reached the 500-HR plateau. He finished his career with ONLY 493. I don't usually like using players to argue for the case of other players, but...if Andre Dawson is in, then I think McGriff should be in.

  2. Had he played in a big baseball market, say like the Red Sox or Yankees, it wouldn't even be a question. He'd be in.

  3. Phenomenal, yes, and heck yes!

    I'd missed this one, "The HOF wins when they get under your skin. You don't need the hall to celebrate past players. Get a blog. Write about how great they were."

    Pretty much.