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Saturday, December 27, 2014

'Tis The Season (Part 3)

I hope that everybody had a good Christmas!  Comments on most of the blogs that I saw (including mine) were down, so I assume that most of you were spending time with your families.  Good for you.  If you are not one of the people that celebrate Christmas, I hope you still had a good Christmas.  I don't think Chinese people get offended if you say "Happy New Year" instead of waiting until February 19, and if someone said Happy Chanukah (or Hanukkah, I'm not sure which is the correct spelling) to me, I wouldn't get all indignant and tell them I don't celebrate it.  I'd appreciate the sentiment and smile and say "Thanks, you too!"

Anyways, mini-rant aside, the current state of my house isn't "covered" with toys, but there's a lot more space dedicated to them than before.  My wife and I haven't bought presents for each other for probably the past five or six years, usually because money is tight and I only get paid once a month (holla back for those of us who dread the "end of the month blues"), and our big Christmas buys are usually gifts for the kids or traveling home to San Diego.  This year we stayed in Texas, and while we didn't buy a ton of gifts for Harper and Foster, with the additions from the grandparents, they made out like bandits.

I received a few gift cards and checks, but the only presents under the tree were from my grandparents; a new pair of shoes (Vans, my favorites) and a Tony Gwynn biography.  They know me well.

However, a few days prior, I received a package from my good buddy Mark at This Way To The Clubhouse…, and there were toys and baseball cards!

Check it out!  A Padres humvee!  And it came with a sweet Khalil Greene card!  Unfortunately the card was taped to the wrapper and got a little damaged while I was opening it, but fortunately it was one that I already had.  And the car is pretty cool too, I'll be putting it right next to my Andrew Cashner bobble head at school.

He also included a handful of cards, including these two.  I was especially psyched for the Gyorko.  The Padres have been dealing a lot of their minor league prospects lately, so investing a lot into building a prospect collection seems like a waste, but Gyorko seems like a pretty sure bet to stick with the Padres.

He also included what I imagine is a complete Padres team set of this year's Bowman Chrome.  It was interesting to see that the cards from Bowman Chrome were different from the cards in the Bowman set.  The "regular" Bowman set only had Headley, Kennedy, Cashner, and Gyorko.  The Chrome set omits Gyorko but adds Street, Cabrera, and Ross.  The prospects, Jose Urena and Franmil Reyes are ones that I've never heard of.  Of the six "pro" cards, half are gone (Cabrera, Headley, and Street).

Lastly, he included these jumbo '86 Topps cards.  I took a picture of them against my laptop to show how big they are.  Gossage's mustache is almost life-size, and I feel like I can reach out and run my hair through Garvey's arm hair.  These are pretty rad.

Thanks Mark!  You rule!


  1. Bummed to read that the Greene card was ruined by the packaging. But, at least the truck was spared!

    Merry Christmas, buddy!


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  3. Haha, Steve ChewbaGarvey.

    Those huge '86ers are super sick!!!