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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The George Foster Collection

Today is my son Foster's second birthday!  I'm not sure what we've got planned for today, I think we're debating between going to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco or going down to Zilker Park in Austin.  Not that he really cares one way or the other, I'm sure he'll be happy to see some cool stuff and eat some cake.

While doing some genealogy a few years ago, we came across an ancestor of mine named Foster Curtis.  My wife and I both like the name and decided to pass it on to our kid.  Since then, I've also accumulated a few cards of players who were named Foster.  Of those, George Foster is the most accomplished, so here are a few Foster cards on Foster's birthday.

Of all of these, his rookie card is still my favorite, but special thanks to Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown for the sweet Foster autograph.  That is pretty rad.

Short post today.  As I write this, it is late Friday night and I'm tired.  We just got back from Walmart, doing some birthday/Christmas shopping.  Nothing very exciting, though Foster took the Ninja Turtle action figure that we bought for his birthday to bed with him, so I guess it was exciting for him.

Pretty stoked to see that my favorite cartoon as a kid is something that my own kid enjoys.  Who knows, maybe he'll be interested in these George Foster cards someday as well.


  1. Happy birthday to Foster! Great looking cards!

  2. Happy Birthday, Foster! George Foster had a lot of awesome cards during his career.

  3. Happy 2nd Birthday to Foster !!!
    Keep On Collecting !!

  4. Good stuff. Happy Birthday, Foster!

  5. Happy birthday to Foster! His little collection is off to a big start! Cool auto!

  6. Nice little collection to pass on. Happy Birthday Foster