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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

You know how some of those great bloggers can craft posts in such a way that they're able to relate it to any situation?  I've done it a few times, but how can you tie in baseball cards to Christmas?  The closest I could come to doing it was wishing Rickey Henderson a happy birthday, but I'd rather choose a card that I got a little more recently.

I already had this Archi Cianfrocco rookie card, but for 22 cents with free shipping, I couldn't pass it up.  Of the dozen or so Cianfrocco rookie cards I have, I think the '92 Fleer Ultra offering is in the top five (the '92 Pinnacle card is the clear #1).  I really like how they just added the "Rookie" lettering below the card's logo, makes it look cooler without cluttering up the card too much.  Plus, foil was a big deal in 1992.  I'm over it in today's cards, however.  Man, I never appreciated those sweet blue Expos uniforms until they were gone.  Digging Archi's stirrups as well.

As a kid, Fleer Ultra and Pinnacle were neck in neck as being my favorite sets.  Now, I can say that Pinnacle has the edge, just because I love those black borders.  However, I really dig the color in '92 Fleer Ultra.  The green marble trim might be boring if not for the shades of red and pink behind the multiple shots of Archi.  I really miss having two or three pictures of the player on the back, which was a very Fleer Ultra thing to do.  The only downside of this card is the lack of stats, but it looks so good that it doesn't bother me.

I think I see more people refer to this as an "Ultra" card, but I've always called them "Fleer Ultra".  I don't know if this is weird or not, because I don't call today's sets "Topps Heritage" or "Topps Archives", but maybe it's just because everything would be "Topps" or "Panini".

Anyways, in the next few days, I'll be adding the last installment of my "Card of the Year" countdown (the non-Padres edition, which will be more interesting to the majority of… whoever reads this), as well as some other end-of-the-year-type posts.  Until then, happy birthday to Rickey Henderson, merry Christmas to everyone, and God bless ya Archi Cianfrocco.

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