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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

GWYNNsday Battle Royale

In today's GWYNNsday post, I've grabbed five semi random cards from my Gwynn binder and tossed them into the octagon.  Five cards enter, only one crawls out a bloody, battered mess.

Or something like that.

I'll provide the pictures and a few words, you can provide your opinion and vote on the poll in the top right.  If it catches on, maybe I'll do this more than once.

Let's dig in.
1997 Pinnacle #42
Not a huge fan of the '97 Pinnacle design, but I do kinda like that they included landmarks from each city in small print in the foil.  Seeing "Sea World", "Jack Murphy Stadium", and "Seaport Village", etc. is pretty cool.  And look at those crisp pinstripes!  Man, Tony's rarely looked as good.

Here's the back.  Gotta imagine that bat is hard to use with that fancy cutout.  Weak stats on the back, which aren't a deal breaker for me, but I'm not a huge fan of the back of this one.

1990 Baseball Card Magazine #6
As a kid, I remember buying Beckett a few times, but I never ventured into other baseball card magazines, least of all Baseball Card Magazine.  But I dig their oddball cards.  This one feels like it was cut out of a page, as it's slightly larger than a regular card.  I mean, you wouldn't know by looking at it, but you can tell when you're holding it in a stack.  This is a great photo that I've never seen anywhere, and that it's being used with the 1969 Topps design (the year the Padres joined the majors) is even cooler.

No stats on the back, but an… interesting picture.  Love the pink background.

1985 Drake's Big Hitters
I had actually planned to do a regular old GWYNNsday post using only cards that have these sweet brown and yellow jerseys. There are surprisingly few in my collection (I mean plenty of late 80's brown and orange, but few of the early/mid 80s brown and yellow).  On top of the dirty brown uniform (look at those pants), this one is also an oddball.  Drake's!

I had never looked at the back of this Drake's card until I scanned it today.  It looks identical to Gwynn's '85 Topps card, with the only difference being the Drake's logo in the top right, and instead of having a green background with red print, it's a red background with blue print.

1992 Topps Kids #53
I have surprisingly few Gwynn cards with horizontal pictures.  You know, if you don't count sets that are already set like that.  Topps Kids is not one of those.  Man, Topps Kids was rad.  Props to Panini for what they've done to try to market Triple Play to kids (and it was good in the 90's as well), but Topps Kids ruled.

Back presented without comment, because it's so rad.  Well, I mean besides that comment. 

1994 Mother's Cookies #2
Mother's Cookies cards rule.  While the picture could've been more interesting, they're usually pretty limited, taken around the stadium, no action shots or anything.  Anyways, Mr. Padre is looking pretty regal here.  Need to get me some of those bright orange Franklin wrist bands.

I like the idea of the line for the autograph, but who looks on the backs of cards for autographs?  Still, love seeing the Mother's Cookies logo.  Later on, Keebler bought out Mother's Cookies, and though I love the cookies that those elves make, I didn't like those cards as much.

Well, there you have it: the first five of the GWYNNsday Battle Royale.  Let me know what you think,  at least in the poll, though bloggers love comments too.

Take care!  Eight days until Christmas!

EDIT: I have never done a poll before (I think), and while the poll seems to be operational, from what I can see, it is blue text on a blue background, so the only way to read it is to click a scroll over it, like you were going to cut/copy and paste it somewhere.  Maybe leaving a comment is best.  Tech support?


  1. tough one! Drake's or Mother's Cookies? Drake's - the uniform wins. Momma's - the picture. Tony looks young and healthy with a twinkle in his eye. This is how I remember him. I'm going with the Cookies!

  2. I had to go with the Drake's. The unis and design of the card front does it for me. Also the back is much easier to read that the regular Topps counterpart.

  3. The Baseball Card Magazine oddball wins out for me.

  4. Mother's Cookies card get my vote. I quite a few of the Astros set they put out and I like the clean full bleed photo front. It helps that it's a terrific shot of TG.

  5. Gotta go with the Topps Kids. I love that set.

  6. My vote is for Mother's Cookies, but for sentimental reasons. It was fun to come home from a game with cards. Or a towel. Or a shirt.