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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gold Rush GWYNNsday

Here's a quick hit of a post: a 50 cent Tony Gwynn card I snagged a while back, and it's base card cousin.

To the left is the "Gold Rush" parallel from the 1994 Score set.  I remember busting a few of these as a kid, and I think that there was a Gold Rush card in each pack.  To the right is the base card.  Man, Tony had a sweet swing, this is a great shot for a baseball card.

Here's the back of the gold one.  The only difference on the base is that there's no "Gold Rush" logo.  I'm impressed with Score's ability to include a picture of a smiling Tony, along with a decent clip of stats and a good write up.  They were able to mention that he's the "toughest man in the majors to strike out", which is one of my favorite things about Gwynn the hitter, and even mentions that hitting .317 in 1992 LOWERED HIS CAREER BATTING AVERAGE.

That is about as "Gwynn" as it gets.

Have a great GWYNNsday, my friends.

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  1. I did always like the Gold parallels of that era - especially ToppsGold. There are a couple Score Gold Rush cards in my collection whose foil is peeling away. Gotta be careful when handling these.