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Saturday, December 27, 2014

'Tis The Season (Part 3)

I hope that everybody had a good Christmas!  Comments on most of the blogs that I saw (including mine) were down, so I assume that most of you were spending time with your families.  Good for you.  If you are not one of the people that celebrate Christmas, I hope you still had a good Christmas.  I don't think Chinese people get offended if you say "Happy New Year" instead of waiting until February 19, and if someone said Happy Chanukah (or Hanukkah, I'm not sure which is the correct spelling) to me, I wouldn't get all indignant and tell them I don't celebrate it.  I'd appreciate the sentiment and smile and say "Thanks, you too!"

Anyways, mini-rant aside, the current state of my house isn't "covered" with toys, but there's a lot more space dedicated to them than before.  My wife and I haven't bought presents for each other for probably the past five or six years, usually because money is tight and I only get paid once a month (holla back for those of us who dread the "end of the month blues"), and our big Christmas buys are usually gifts for the kids or traveling home to San Diego.  This year we stayed in Texas, and while we didn't buy a ton of gifts for Harper and Foster, with the additions from the grandparents, they made out like bandits.

I received a few gift cards and checks, but the only presents under the tree were from my grandparents; a new pair of shoes (Vans, my favorites) and a Tony Gwynn biography.  They know me well.

However, a few days prior, I received a package from my good buddy Mark at This Way To The Clubhouse…, and there were toys and baseball cards!

Check it out!  A Padres humvee!  And it came with a sweet Khalil Greene card!  Unfortunately the card was taped to the wrapper and got a little damaged while I was opening it, but fortunately it was one that I already had.  And the car is pretty cool too, I'll be putting it right next to my Andrew Cashner bobble head at school.

He also included a handful of cards, including these two.  I was especially psyched for the Gyorko.  The Padres have been dealing a lot of their minor league prospects lately, so investing a lot into building a prospect collection seems like a waste, but Gyorko seems like a pretty sure bet to stick with the Padres.

He also included what I imagine is a complete Padres team set of this year's Bowman Chrome.  It was interesting to see that the cards from Bowman Chrome were different from the cards in the Bowman set.  The "regular" Bowman set only had Headley, Kennedy, Cashner, and Gyorko.  The Chrome set omits Gyorko but adds Street, Cabrera, and Ross.  The prospects, Jose Urena and Franmil Reyes are ones that I've never heard of.  Of the six "pro" cards, half are gone (Cabrera, Headley, and Street).

Lastly, he included these jumbo '86 Topps cards.  I took a picture of them against my laptop to show how big they are.  Gossage's mustache is almost life-size, and I feel like I can reach out and run my hair through Garvey's arm hair.  These are pretty rad.

Thanks Mark!  You rule!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Baseball Cards Wearing Santa Hats

Alright, so after I finished making breakfast and the kids were playing with their Christmas toys, I thought about making a joke about Padres general manger AJ Preller not being able to do any trades today because he was tired from last night (alluding to the idea that he was Santa Claus, for being able to add Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Wil Myers, and Derek Norris).

Well, I found a website that allows you to put a santa hat on an image (as long as it's a "profile" type photo), and… well, I went a little crazy adding santa hats to baseball cards.  Here's a few that turned out the best.

From the left or the right side, these pitchers are Padre fan favorites.

If there was one Padre who could "save" Christmas, it'd be Trevor Hoffman.

 The only gift I got under the tree today was a book on the late, great Tony Gwynn.  Love ya Tony.

Well, I already said it in a post earlier today, but I'll say it again.  Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

Merry Christmas!

You know how some of those great bloggers can craft posts in such a way that they're able to relate it to any situation?  I've done it a few times, but how can you tie in baseball cards to Christmas?  The closest I could come to doing it was wishing Rickey Henderson a happy birthday, but I'd rather choose a card that I got a little more recently.

I already had this Archi Cianfrocco rookie card, but for 22 cents with free shipping, I couldn't pass it up.  Of the dozen or so Cianfrocco rookie cards I have, I think the '92 Fleer Ultra offering is in the top five (the '92 Pinnacle card is the clear #1).  I really like how they just added the "Rookie" lettering below the card's logo, makes it look cooler without cluttering up the card too much.  Plus, foil was a big deal in 1992.  I'm over it in today's cards, however.  Man, I never appreciated those sweet blue Expos uniforms until they were gone.  Digging Archi's stirrups as well.

As a kid, Fleer Ultra and Pinnacle were neck in neck as being my favorite sets.  Now, I can say that Pinnacle has the edge, just because I love those black borders.  However, I really dig the color in '92 Fleer Ultra.  The green marble trim might be boring if not for the shades of red and pink behind the multiple shots of Archi.  I really miss having two or three pictures of the player on the back, which was a very Fleer Ultra thing to do.  The only downside of this card is the lack of stats, but it looks so good that it doesn't bother me.

I think I see more people refer to this as an "Ultra" card, but I've always called them "Fleer Ultra".  I don't know if this is weird or not, because I don't call today's sets "Topps Heritage" or "Topps Archives", but maybe it's just because everything would be "Topps" or "Panini".

Anyways, in the next few days, I'll be adding the last installment of my "Card of the Year" countdown (the non-Padres edition, which will be more interesting to the majority of… whoever reads this), as well as some other end-of-the-year-type posts.  Until then, happy birthday to Rickey Henderson, merry Christmas to everyone, and God bless ya Archi Cianfrocco.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve GWYNNsday

I fear I may have done my Padres-themed "Cards of the Year" post a little prematurely.  A few days after publishing, I got the lone Padres card in this year's Stadium Club set.  Not that it would've been that high on the countdown (It'd probably take over the ten spot, instead of a different Gwynn card from Topps Series 1), but it definitely warrants some attention.

Topps has done a pretty good job of using different images of Tony Gwynn on it's cards.  I mean, I'm not an expert on the subject, but of the 500+ Gwynn cards I have, this is the first time I've seen this picture of Mr. Padre.  Love that they used the brown Friar uniforms from the 80's, and you can see a glimpse of the "RAK" patch on the left sleeve (for Padres owner, Ray A Kroc).  I miss seeing the full bleed photos, with the only "design" being on the nameplate.  

As great as the front of the card looks, the back is a little lacking.  I appreciate the good write up, mentioning Tony's string of All-Star Game appearances and comparison to Ted Williams, but that's about it.  Remember when they used to have the rookie cards on the back of Stadium Club cards?  That would've been cool.  This looks pretty boring, and the info box on the top right is unnecessarily large.  

Stadium Club is a little too high end for me to buy any packs (well, that, and it's also not available in retail), but when I can pick up a card for 99 cents with free shipping, well, I guess I'm a pretty happy guy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

'Tis The Season. Again.

Man, I remember as a kid that it seemed like Christmas would never come.  Months and months of endless waiting, each day dragging on slower and slower.  As an adult, however, it seems to be quite the opposite.  Everything has been going so fast that I can hardly believe that Christmas is this week.

If I was the type that sent out Christmas cards to family and friends, I'd probably be too late to send them out and have them arrive before Christmas.  I'm not that kinda guy.  But if I was, I hope that I'd send out cards like this one I got from Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown.

I'm pretty sure this was painted at the San Diego Zoo.  

Not only did he send that rad card, he also included some baseball cards inside of it.

I love me some George Foster cards.  I guess I prefer vintage, but this still looks killer.  I really need to beef up my Foster collection.  I also wasn't a big fan of this year's Donruss base cards, but this is a great shot of Jedd Gyorko, who looks like he'll be the lone remaining Padre position player after AJ Preller has remade San Diego's offense.  Really like the brick wall behind Jedd.  That's Wrigley, right?  Any other stadiums that have that?  

As much as I like those two cards, they didn't really compare to the third card he added to the mix:

This is a Bob Foster 1/1 sketch card.  If you couldn't tell, Foster is a boxer.  Have you heard of him?  I sure hadn't.  Fortunately, along with a spiffy glow in the dark sketch, there was a very informative back of the card:

The amount of detail that Gavin put into this is impressive, to say the least.  If you didn't read his post about these cards, he bought some cheap autographs signed on index cards and turned them into sketch cards.  They are also glow in the dark, because that's awesome.  My favorite  part of the write up is that "This is the only card of this person using this image that I, the artist, will ever create; Promise!"  Wouldn't it be nice to get that promise from Topps?

Not only did I get a card from Gav, I also got one from my buddy Duff, from Bleedin' Brown and Gold.  While the front of his Christmas card was beautiful, the inside was even nicer:

I wish I got more Christmas cards that had autographed Archi Cianfrocco cards inside of them!  I think what I love most about the autographed Foster card and the signed Archi card is that they were very personal.  Sure, as a Padre fan, I'd love any autographed Padre card.  But a card of Archi?  That's pretty special.  I'm sure it only set Duff back a few bucks, but he knew that I'd love it.  It's one thing to have a few extra dupes laying around to send to a friend (no problems with this at all), but going out of your way for something like this?  Pretty cool.  The same goes with the Foster card.  It'll be the only 1/1 I have in my Foster collection.

That's not to say that there's no place in my collection for "the hits".  The third envelope that came in the past few days was from Bert at Swing And A Pop Up.  To be honest, I can't remember if his came with a Christmas card or not, but I was a little distracted by some swatches and a patch.

I am not a fan of the Gypsy Queen sets.  The base design just doesn't do it for me.  The relic cards, however, look great.  I'm a sucker for black bordered cards, and that's a pretty cool shot of Carlos Quentin.  Too bad the jersey doesn't match the swatch on this one.  The Jake Peavy swatch is a little too red to be one of the many variations of Padre jerseys, but then I saw the All-Star logo and heading, and I realized it was from a different jersey.  While I'm not a big Adrian Gonzalez fan, but how can you not love that brown and gold friar logo?  I can't resist it.

I've been slow on the trading front lately - hard to spend money on shipping out cards when I've got presents to buy for Harper and Foster, not to mention another one on the way.  But it's pretty cool to have friends send me these during this holiday season.  Y'all are the best.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cards of the Year (Part 1)

I feel like I've had this blog for a while now, but the "Cards of the Year" posts are the first things that I can say are in its third year.  So… welcome to the third annual Cards of the Year.  In the first year, there was only one post, while the second year ballooned to four.  This year, I've (kinda) split the difference and gone with two.  This is the first one.

This one is all of my favorite Padre cards, the next one will be… all the other cards.  Hopefully it's entertaining enough for all you non-Padre fans.

Honorable Mention: Heritage / "Rookie Stars" Daniel Webb & Chris Robinson #398
This is the only Padre card that will (probably?) ever be made of Chris Robinson.  I've written before about how awesome Robinson's story is, but to sum it up, he's a total grinder who spent nine years in the minors, before making it to the majors in 2013 for eight games, and got two hits in twelve at bats - one was a home run.  I am trying to get as many of these cards as possible, and am up to 36 cards.  While I love this card, it was still hard to put it in the top ten, but it still gets a shout out here.

10: Topps "Before They Were Great" / Tony Gwynn #BG-7
If you're going to include Tony Gwynn cards in every set from here to eternity (I don't think I'm complaining here, but maybe I am a bit), please please please, Topps, do it right!  This is an example.  Gwynn from the brown uniforms of the 80s is the way to go.  If you go with the blue and orange, then go early 90s.  Nothing post '98.  It's a plus that the design is a pretty good one.  Some thick-but-not-too-thick card stock too.

#9: Donruss "Diamond Kings" / Chase Headley #30
Oh, Chase.  We had some good times.  Remember 2012?  It was magical.  Well, not for the rest of the team, but for you.  RBI champion?  Who woulda thunk that?  Since then, it hasn't been great, and after some bungled negotiations, you ended up in New York and we ended up with Yangervis Solarte.  All of these are forgotten memories when looking at this beautiful card.  You are a Diamond King, Chase.  No one can take it away from you.

#8: Heritage High Numbers / Tyson Ross #H522 
Tyson Ross is a bad, bad man.  If you haven't seen his slider, you can tell by the way he's tossing that baseball up in the air.  What a menace.

#7: Gypsy Queen (printing plate) / Andrew Cashner #253
#6: Topps (acetate) / Andrew Cashner #227
In terms of "hits", these cards should probably be at the top of the list.  The Gypsy Queen card is a 1/1, and the acetate card is numbered out of 10.  These look pretty cool, so in that sense, these should be higher, but overall, I'm not enamored with the design of either of these sets in general.  I mostly just love these because they're rare and they're of my favorite current Padre.  Still pretty freaking sweet, but just short of "top 5" status.

#5: Donruss "Elite Dominator" / Tony Gwynn #26
Alright, so Topps had the brown-uniformed Gwynn, but you can tell by the design of this blog, the blue and orange is near and dear to my heart (but I still want them to #bringbackthebrown).  Not only is this a great shot of the greatest Padre, but it's a cool throwback to the 90s inserts.  Gwynn was a Dominator.  That sounds pretty accurate to me.

#4: Topps (pink) / Alexi Amarista #US-324
Now that the Padres are acquiring guys with legit talent (I haven't posted it on here, but if you follow me on twitter, you've seen how excited I am about getting Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, Justin Upton, Derek Norris, Will Middlebrooks, and Brandon Morrow), I wonder if my favorite players will still be guys like Alexi Amarista and Yangervis Solarte.  In terms of cards though, a horizontal card of a walk off hit of a guy who's a few inches shorter than me is a pretty cool one.  Not trying to rub it in the faces of Diamondback fans, but I love seeing the catcher in the background slowly trudging off the field.  ALEXI!

#3: Donruss "Breakout Pitchers" / Andrew Cashner #20
I feel like this design is almost so bad that it's actually pretty good.  On one hand, it seems like the bricks flying through the air - after Andrew Cashner… I dunno, breaks through the wall during his windup? - seems a little amateurish.  Still… I guess I just like that somebody besides me thinks that Cashner is an exciting pitcher.

#2: Archives (autograph) / Bip Roberts #FFA-BRO
Archives is the best "worst" set ever.  Padre selections in the last three editions of the set have been slim (four cards - three Gwynns and a Headley), and the novelty of seeing recycled designs with modern players is quickly wearing off, but they've knocked it out of the park with their "Fan Favorites" autographs.  Last year, they included Benito Santiago (got it) and Fred McGriff (need it), and this year they nabbed Bip Roberts.  This is awesome.  Shoot, this needs to be higher, right?  EDIT: before hitting "schedule" on this post, I bumped it up from fifth to second.

#1: Bowman (Hometown) / Andrew Cashner #182
As soon as I saw this card, I pretty much knew that there was no topping it.  Being a Padres fan in Texas, this is about as good as it's ever going to get.  My favorite player in a throwback uniform from my childhood and it has a background of the Texas flag?  I'm not sure that they could do to make it better.  Great stuff.

Well, there you have it.  Maybe a little short on stars (really, there weren't any on the 2014 roster, and there are only so many Tony Gwynn cards that you can put out now that he's been out of the game for over a decade), and maybe a little heavy on Andrew Cashner (he owned 40% of the countdown), but I think that's as good as I can get.

Overall, probably a little underwhelmed with a lot of sets this year, but I'm really looking forward to next year when I'll be able to collect cards of legit All-Star talent players.  On the Padres.  Might have to rely on trades a little more, since there might be more collectors who want to hold on to them cards of those guys.

Definitely wasn't a problem I ran into adding to my Chris Denorfia collection.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Raise Your Hand If You Used To Be A Padre

Don't you hate how fans of other teams get excited about all the great deals they are making to improve their team, while the GM of your favorite team does nothing?  Doesn't all that joy about baseball in the middle of December make you want to hurl?  Aren't those people annoying?

Well guess what?  I'm one of them now.  In an unexpected turn of events, the Padres, who had one of the worst offenses in baseball last year, have been adding bats!  The new general manager, AJ Preller, has started shipping off prospects to pick up a former Rookie of the Year (Wil Myers), a perennial MVP candidate from a division rival (Matt Kemp), and an All-Star catcher (Derek Norris).

They've also added players like Tim Federowicz, Ryan Hanigan, Seth Streich, Clint Barmes, Brandon Morrow, Jose Castillo, and Gerardo Reyes.  To do so, they've gotten rid of:

Yasmani Grandal
Zach Eflin
Joe Wieland
Trea Turner
Joe Ross
Burch Smith
Jake Bauers
Rene Rivera
Jesse Hahn
RJ Alvarez

I might've missed some in there.  Been a busy offseason.

Anyways, seeing as how I am pretty scarce in the non-Padre section of my binder, the only "new" Padre that I have a card of is this one:

This is from the 2013 Topps Update Mini inserts.  The only reason I have it is because I completed the set.  I guess it won't be too hard to imagine Myers in a Padre uniform - the Padres and Rays are pretty similar looking with their bluish hues, though I think they are (slightly) more interesting than my good old Padres.  I love that Myers doesn't wear batting gloves.  Very old school.  Need to work on getting that kid a second "L" in his last name.  Seriously, what's up with that?

Anyways, this kind of excitement is pretty foreign to me, so I'l work on containing myself.

Happy Friday!  Christmas Break starts today!

EDIT: If you haven't voted for the GWYNNsday Battle Royale, go ahead and do it! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

GWYNNsday Battle Royale

In today's GWYNNsday post, I've grabbed five semi random cards from my Gwynn binder and tossed them into the octagon.  Five cards enter, only one crawls out a bloody, battered mess.

Or something like that.

I'll provide the pictures and a few words, you can provide your opinion and vote on the poll in the top right.  If it catches on, maybe I'll do this more than once.

Let's dig in.
1997 Pinnacle #42
Not a huge fan of the '97 Pinnacle design, but I do kinda like that they included landmarks from each city in small print in the foil.  Seeing "Sea World", "Jack Murphy Stadium", and "Seaport Village", etc. is pretty cool.  And look at those crisp pinstripes!  Man, Tony's rarely looked as good.

Here's the back.  Gotta imagine that bat is hard to use with that fancy cutout.  Weak stats on the back, which aren't a deal breaker for me, but I'm not a huge fan of the back of this one.

1990 Baseball Card Magazine #6
As a kid, I remember buying Beckett a few times, but I never ventured into other baseball card magazines, least of all Baseball Card Magazine.  But I dig their oddball cards.  This one feels like it was cut out of a page, as it's slightly larger than a regular card.  I mean, you wouldn't know by looking at it, but you can tell when you're holding it in a stack.  This is a great photo that I've never seen anywhere, and that it's being used with the 1969 Topps design (the year the Padres joined the majors) is even cooler.

No stats on the back, but an… interesting picture.  Love the pink background.

1985 Drake's Big Hitters
I had actually planned to do a regular old GWYNNsday post using only cards that have these sweet brown and yellow jerseys. There are surprisingly few in my collection (I mean plenty of late 80's brown and orange, but few of the early/mid 80s brown and yellow).  On top of the dirty brown uniform (look at those pants), this one is also an oddball.  Drake's!

I had never looked at the back of this Drake's card until I scanned it today.  It looks identical to Gwynn's '85 Topps card, with the only difference being the Drake's logo in the top right, and instead of having a green background with red print, it's a red background with blue print.

1992 Topps Kids #53
I have surprisingly few Gwynn cards with horizontal pictures.  You know, if you don't count sets that are already set like that.  Topps Kids is not one of those.  Man, Topps Kids was rad.  Props to Panini for what they've done to try to market Triple Play to kids (and it was good in the 90's as well), but Topps Kids ruled.

Back presented without comment, because it's so rad.  Well, I mean besides that comment. 

1994 Mother's Cookies #2
Mother's Cookies cards rule.  While the picture could've been more interesting, they're usually pretty limited, taken around the stadium, no action shots or anything.  Anyways, Mr. Padre is looking pretty regal here.  Need to get me some of those bright orange Franklin wrist bands.

I like the idea of the line for the autograph, but who looks on the backs of cards for autographs?  Still, love seeing the Mother's Cookies logo.  Later on, Keebler bought out Mother's Cookies, and though I love the cookies that those elves make, I didn't like those cards as much.

Well, there you have it: the first five of the GWYNNsday Battle Royale.  Let me know what you think,  at least in the poll, though bloggers love comments too.

Take care!  Eight days until Christmas!

EDIT: I have never done a poll before (I think), and while the poll seems to be operational, from what I can see, it is blue text on a blue background, so the only way to read it is to click a scroll over it, like you were going to cut/copy and paste it somewhere.  Maybe leaving a comment is best.  Tech support?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mission: Accomplished

As we draw nearer to the end of the year, I've been thinking about a few card-related things.  First, about my "Cards of the Year" countdown.  I finished the scans and have everything in order, now I just need to add the words.  Hoping to have that up soon, though it probably won't be until a few days before Christmas.  Secondly, I've been thinking about the goals that I set for myself last year.  Spoiler alert: It's not looking great.  However, when the postman came by yesterday, I found that I had realized the third of my five goals (more on the successes and disappointments in a later post).

The goal in question was to complete a whole page (nine cards) of vintage Jerry Coleman cards.  This is not counting any of the retro-style sets that honor The Colonel, nor the card from his managing days in 1980 (that can't be vintage, right?)

Well, after starting off the year with six, I'm finally up to a nice… uh, "even" nine.  

This is Jerry's 1950 Bowman card.  It is the oldest card of my Coleman collection, and the oldest card I own overall.  The creases seem very noticeable in the scan, but are harder to see with a casual glance.  The main "flaw" (if you can say that there is anything flawed about it) is the cut off edges around the corners.  They're not frayed by time, but most likely a pair of scissors did the dirty work.  This is a smaller, more squared card than most of the Coleman's that I have.  

To be honest, I couldn't care less - this card cost less than two dollars, shipped.

Less than two dollars?  For a vintage Jerry Coleman card that is the oldest card in my collection?  How can I ever justify buying a card for more than two dollars ever again?  How can I ever rip a pack knowing that the (most likely) disappointing contents therein will never live up to this card that I procured from a seller for a fraction of that price?

Anyways, I'll resolve my issues with card prices later, and instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth, will gladly accept this generous offering from the gods of cardboard.  A vintage card of a childhood hero?  I'll take that any day of the week.  You can keep the change.  And your pointed edges.

Monday, December 15, 2014

'Tis The Season

'Tis the season to get cards in the mail!  I've gotten three envelopes from three different bloggers in the past few weeks, and since I've been slow to post recently, I'm going to tie them all together in this post.  After all, I've got some "Cards of the Year" posts to do, and Christmas break is in a week!

First up, I got a beautiful Christmas card from Julie over at A Cracked Bat.  While I'm not much of a greeting card collector, I definitely appreciated the card's contents:

I worked a job at a leaded glass window company a few summers before I got married, and whenever the discussion turned to baseball (we were all sorry Padre fans), the discussion always turned to how much we loved Khalil Greene's hair and then ended with my buddy saying "Brian Giles" in a really thick country accent.  For some reason, whenever I think of Marcus Giles' brother, I think of my buddy Nate.

I can appreciate a fancy relic card as much as the next guy, but Tony Gwynn cards?  Those are right up my alley.  This is a welcome addition to my Gwynn binder, and a great example of being able to make logo-less cards look pretty killer.  From seeing Julie's blog, it seems like these Panin Classics cards came in packs with Tony's likeliness as well, so that is pretty cool.  Not the last we'll see from the set in this post.

Next up is a quartet of cards from Tom over at Waiting 'til Next Year.  This envelope didn't come with a Christmas card, but it actually came with an apology.

I can't find the note anymore, but it said something along the lines of "sorry for dumping these junk wax cards on you."  I'll admit that this pair of cards isn't much to look at, and they were put into the box that I use to distribute Padre cards to my kids.  However, that was only half of the cards he sent.  The other half was more intriguing.

BOOM!  A couple of powerful right-handed pitchers!  Alright, I'll admit that Bob Gibson is probably the bigger name out of these two, but Odrisamer Despaigne has the longest name, so I feel alright pairing them together.  Tom was actually the first one to post cards from the Panin Classics set, and come to think of it, I think he was the one who pointed out that Gwynn was on the wrapper.  Anyways, the ominous red sky above the black and white image of Gibson is pretty rad.  Obviously Gibson was before my time, and I sometimes wonder how older players' skill sets would stack up against today's competition, but I have a feeling that Bob Gibson would still be Bob freaking Gibson.

This is only my second Odrisamer Despaigne card, which is a travesty.  I probably love Odie more than your average 4th starter, but there's just something about him that I find pretty awesome.  His wide array of pitches and lack of power make for a really interesting game, especially when he's on.

The last one I'll post for today was actually the one that came the longest ago.  Jeff, over at Fan-Attic Sports Cards sent over a thick envelope full of Padres goodness, and none of it was recent.  This is not a bad thing.

From the 90s, we have a couple of Padres prospects, Dave Staton and Luis Lopez.  Staton wouldn't do too much with his "Rated Rookie" status, but Lopez had a decent career.  He's shown here in the '94 Score set, of the "Gold Rush" variety.  The scan makes it hard to see that Andy Van Slyke has a cameo, but he's there all right.

This pair of Padres shows the incredible brown and yellow from the '78 Topps set.  I have a few of Jerry Turner's other cards, and all of them show those great sideburns.  I always wonder where these photos were taken where there are Padre players wearing long sleeves under their jerseys, like Gene Tenace's.  I can't imagine it's San Diego.

Jumping ahead to the '00s now, we have some slick looking Leaf cards of Ollie Perez and Ryan Klesko.  When I think of Ollie Perez, I tend to think of a prospect who didn't quite live up to his billing.  He was 8-12 with an ERA of 4.50 during his first two years in the bigs, spent in San Diego, but has revived his career after moving to the bullpen a few years ago.  I'm a little bummed that Klesko's batting helmet obscures his sideburns, but I suppose that Klesko and Turner in the same post might be too much facial hair to handle.

If you noticed the bottom corner of Klesko's card, it says "Passing Through Time"  On the back of this card, it looks like this - the front of a '93 Leaf card.  Nevermind that the best part about the '93 Leaf set is the card backs (simply put: gorgeous), I like this.  Plus, seeing a sideburn-less Klesko is a rare sighting indeed.

Thanks Julie, Tom, and Jeff!  You guys are awesome.