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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's Old Is New... I Guess

So, I now have a loaner computer from my school, so I'm no longer operating from my iPhone.  A step up, though this particular computer seems like it's a little touchy, so hopefully I can finish this post.

Since it's not "mine", I don't have any of my card scans handy, but I do have a bunch of posts that have been sitting in draft mode for... a while.  Let's go ahead and dig one up.

Oh man... While most of them are half baked ideas and posts that are missing scans, here is a trade post that never got finished!  A cardinal sin of the blog community!  Alright, maybe a stretch there, but part of the joys of trading with a blogger is seeing what they think about the cards you sent.  While this particular trader isn't a fellow blogger, I still feel bad for not giving him his props sooner.

From looking at our email correspondence, I'm not sure that this is the full haul that Howard B. sent over, (he saw a comment I left at This Way To The Clubhouse blog) but there is still plenty of good stuff here worth showing.

Were it not for trades with others, I would never know the greatness of Topps Embossed.  While the design isn't visually arresting, the texture is pretty cool.  While the border of the card looks out of focus, having Andy Benes' front foot popping out towards the edge is a cool detail.  The orange line of the Jack Murphy outfield fence is always fun for the 90's kid in me to see.

Here's not one, not two, but three... uh, 3-D Gwynn cards.  Didn't want it to sound like I was typing with a stutter.  Anyways, if I was a fancy blogger like Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown, I'd do something really cool with these.  Instead, you just get the boring scans.

Sticking with a "trio" theme.  Here are three very sharp looking 90's cards.  Not a border out of the whole lot of 'em (sigh... so beautiful).  And look at those sharp pinstripes.  Bip Roberts is easily the most beloved former Friar out of these three, but Phil Plantier had a 100 RBI season with the Padres, and Dustin Hermanson had a solid career, albeit away from San Diego.

I'm normally not big on cards that are made to look almost identical, with only slight differences to distinguish them from the rest, but I kinda like seeing four of these together.  From what I gather, there are a bunch of Topps cards that commemorate each of Josh Barfield's doubles.  Kind of a weird concept, and definitely not something that I'd actively track down, but something I'd definitely hold on to if it came my way.

  We'll finish off with a big picture of a mini card.  While regular sized cards are more my speed, There's something about these Goudey cards that I really like.  I don't have any "original" Goudey cards from the 30's, but I like the painted look.  Reminiscent (even if it's only slightly) to some of the Bowman cards from the '50s that I've been able to pick up.  Oh, and it's also of one of the best pitchers in Padres history, Cy Young Award winner Jake Peavy.

Well Howard, it's more than a few months overdue, but thanks for the great cardboard.  Like I said, all of my other posts that are still in "draft" mode are of the half-baked, crackpot variety, nothing that might be seen as an ungrateful slight to a generous fellow-collector.

Happy Wednesday, everybody!  May all your mailboxes be full of baseball cards, and may all of your trade posts go up sooner than this one.


  1. All of those cards are sweet, but the 3D Gwynns take the cake. On a related side note, Gavin does a pretty good job of making the rest of us look technologically challenged. ;-)

  2. Haha, I agree. Gavin's effects are the best.

    I remember how special it was to get packs of the SportsFlics growing up. They were very expensive, so it was always a special treat.