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Monday, November 10, 2014

Didn't Even Have To Ask

Twice over the weekend, I had different people who knew that I was a Padres fan come up to me and give me this Cracker Jack sticker.  Kinda random, right?

The first thing I though of was "Wow, I had no idea that Cracker Jacks were that popular."  Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan, but it's not something that I really have that often.  But I thought it was still pretty cool that when they saw something Padres, they thought of me.

The first person to give me the sticker was a lady who teaches in the room next to mine.  She actually came in while I was in the middle of teaching math.  The second person was a guy from church who came up to me before I taught the Sunday school lesson yesterday.  He told me he didn't want me to look at them now, but that they were Padres cards of all pitchers who were originally drafted by the Padres.

I didn't get the chance to ask him where he got them from, or why they were all pitchers who were drafted by the Padres, but I thought it was pretty cool.  I don't think it's come up in conversation with anybody at church that I collect baseball cards, but I actually mention baseball in a majority of my lessons.  

Anyways, here are the cards my buddy Adam gave to me.

If you're going to talk about Padres draft picks who became great pitchers, Jake Peavy is a great place to start.  The most recent Friar to win the Cy Young Award winner, Peavy is also a two-time World Series champion, albeit with other teams: the Red Sox and Giants.  He's a free agent this year, and there's a contingent of Padre fans who would like to see him back in San Diego, but I don't think it's in the cards - and the Padres have big needs on the offensive side - not as many concerns with the rotation.

Here's my all time favorite Eric Show card (as a Padre).  Lots to love about this one.  This is one that I already had, but I'll go ahead and swap it out for the one I already have in the Miscellaneous Padres binder.  Something about a friend giving you a card, it just wouldn't seem right tossing it into the duplicate pile.

Here are a trio of Donruss cards from the 80s.  I think that between the '87 and '88 design, I prefer the former to the latter.  Not a big fan of the blue/red/black combo, while the mostly black (with yellow trim and… baseballs?) border looks a little better.  For the Padres, these pitchers combined to go 107-98 over 1,976.2 innings.  Not too bad.  Probably a little taken out of context, since Eric Show is the Padres  all time leader in wins with 100, and pitched 1,603.1 of those innings.  Unless Jake Peavy comes back to the Padres and wins nine more games, I don't see Show being dethroned any time soon.

This was the surprise of the bunch.  I don't have any other of the black paralleled cards from the 2010 Topps set.  Hard to make out his name here, but this is Cesar Ramos' rookie card.  Ramos was a 1st round draft pick (35th pick) in the 2005 draft by the Padres.  He put up a 6.26 ERA in 19 games (23 innings) and was traded with a few other players to Tampa Bay for Jason Bartlett.  Bartlett was a once decent player who was completely miserable with the Padres, so I think the Rays made out ahead in that trade.  Ramos is still with them, and even started 7 games for them last year, posting a 3.70 ERA in 43 games (82 innings).

Thanks a lot for the cards Adam!  Very cool of you to be thinking of me, much appreciated!

Have a great Monday everybody.  Hopefully someone you know will also randomly give you baseball cards today.


  1. Weirdly, my mother-in-law recently gave me like 8 or 9 unopened boxes of Cracker Jack. No idea where she got them. I kept getting duplicate baseball stickers though. I think six of the eight were Cubs and D-Backs.

  2. The Rays just traded Ramos to the Angels last week.

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