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Monday, November 3, 2014

Tony Joey Peavy Benny Archi Ricky Andy

I've been getting a little more active with reaching out to new trading partners.  I'm trying to be a little more social, plus I've got cards that I need to get off my hands.

After coming across a new-to-me blog named A Cracked Bat, I found a post that had some Tony Gwynn cards up for grabs.  You know I was all over that.  To my fellow Padre/Gwynn collectors - I love you like brothers, but THOSE GWYNN'S ARE MINE!  STAY AWAY!

Well, turns out that Julie, the author, was kind enough to work out a deal with me, and in exchange for a couple dozen plus Tigers/other cards, here is all the stuff she sent my way...

Oh, I guess I already talked about these, but here are the aforementioned Gwynn's.  Most flattering shot of Tony?  Definitely not.  Still, these are pretty high end, so nothing that I would ever pull out of a pack, and can you really beat a serial numbered Gwynn?  Pretty hard to do.

Here are the additions to the Miscellaneous Padres binders.  Been a while since I found a new-to-me Joey Hamilton card.  Never heard of Ben Howard, but how could I pass on a patriotic card like that one from '02 Studio?  Along with Hamilton, I never pass up Padres cards of Damian Jackson, Bip Roberts, or Benito.  The Jake Peavy card is noteworthy to me for three reasons: 1) I love seeing Jake in the still-had-orange-in-the-color-scheme Padre uniforms, 2) Though it's hard to see it because of the foil, his name is misspelled as "Peavey", and 3) I love a good toss-the-ball-in-the-air pitcher's pose.  Easily the gem of this sextet of card, but all were good additions.

Alright, even though they're doubles, I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting Archi Cianfrocco cards.  Since I've already shown these (probably, right?) at some point on the blog, I decided to show the backs.  Digging the '94 Triple Play card on the bottom.  Solid writeup, mentioning some highlights, plus the posed picture of Archi with the Jack Murphy Stadium seats in the background.  The Select card looks pretty sharp as well, love the complete lack of borders.

Speaking of Select, here is a quartet of cards that I decided I needed.  While I can't say that I love the horizontal layout, generally speaking, but these do look pretty good.  The Andy Benes is a good addition to the Benes PC, and I there is never a good reason to turn down a Bip Roberts card.  The Marquis Grissom cameo on the Ricky Gutierrez card is pretty solid.

While the Gwynn cards at the top are pretty high end, this is definitely the fanciest looking card.  Crazy die-cut, featuring two pretty hot prospects for some west coast teams.  Having a Dodger in my binders is kind of a tough pill to swallow, but Wisler seems like he could be a legit arm, great card to have.

Here's Peavy again.  As much as I rooted against the Giants in the playoffs, I was happy for Peavy, Bruce Bochy, and Tim Flannery, all former Padres.  Still, they've already got rings, so I would've been more happy if the Royals had pulled it off.

I'll end on a random note.  First off, the Benes was needed in my PC, but the back of the card looked better than the front.  Always appreciate a pitcher at the plate shot.  On the other side, there's a very dark looking photo of Chris Brown.  Julie actually made a note saying how horrible the picture was.  I didn't know what Brown looked like before this card, and after looking at it, I still don't know.  The middle card is a scratch game from Collector's Choice.  I decided to put it along with the rest of my Archi Cianfrocco PC, since he's right in the middle of the card.  Kind of a stretch, but a pretty cool card to have.  According to the rules on the back, you get two of the cards and scratch off the gray stuff to see who can score the most runs.

Of course, I was too interested in how my guys did to leave it alone.  I scratched off Archi's stats first, and after being less than satisfied (Really?  1 for 5 with a lousy single?  C'mon Upper Deck!), I decided to scratch off Tony's as well.  Pretty unrealistic as well, if you ask me.  A home run and a strikeout?  I'd be interested to know how many times that happened in Tony's career.  Tony wasn't much for hitting homers, but he was definitely known for rarely striking out.

All in all, a great batch of cardboard, and it turns out that Julie is also living in Texas!  Seems like there's more and more of us here in the Lone Star state.  Very cool indeed, make for a quick turnaround when it comes to trades as well.

Thanks a lot Julie!  Have a great Monday everyone, do something good.


  1. Great cards. Particularly love that Bip with the Rickey cameo.. what set is that?

    1. From the '95 SP "Championship Series"?

  2. So glad you like the cards! I'm stocking another round of Padres for you. What a kick with the scratch off card! I never took a coin to the cardboard to find out what these might reveal. Fun to see you couldn't resist!