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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Baseball Card Whisperer

How often do you look at other blogger's want lists?  Whenever you rip some packs?  Once in a while?  Hardly ever?

I probably fall into the "hardly ever category".  Mostly because I already have a list in my head of who most of my regular blogger friends collect.  While I might be hazy on specific players or sets, most of them are team collectors, which makes it easy.

But, as most team collectors will tell you, there are other cards that they're interested in.  For me, it has been building sets from my childhood ('91 Fleer and '92 Pinnacle) and collecting a handful of other players who never wore a Padre uniform.

Being born in the mid 80's, most of my favorite players were big in the 90s.  However, I've always been drawn to Harmon Killebrew, who retired almost a decade before I was born.  Lots of things going for him, but I think most of it stems from my dad having been to his house as a kid for a church function.  Oh yeah, and he hit FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THREE HOME RUNS.  He led the league in homers six times, won an MVP award and was an eleven time all star.  As a 23 year old he hit 42 homers and 105 RBI.  Consistency?  His 162 game average, according to Baseball Reference,  was 38 homers and 105 RBI.  I feel like I'm only using the easy numbers, so for you fancy mathematicians, he also had a .884 OPS and 60.3 WAR.  Whatever that means.

Anyways, back to want lists.  Here's a card that I had on the want list - in my mind:

How can I even call myself a fan of Harmon Killebrew if I didn't even know that he played his final year with the Royals?  I guess I'll give myself a pass, since my parents were in high school at this point, but still, c'mon man!  Luckily, I found out that this card existed through a post by Nick over at the Dime Box blog.  The comment that I left on the post was "OH MAN!  HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THAT KILLEBREW!"

The post went up before the World Series was decided, and I made up my mind that if they Royals won the whole thing, I'd spend a few bucks to pick it up off eBay.  However, the Giants Madison Bumgarner ended up breaking Kansas City's heart, and I stuck to my guns.  I didn't even bother putting it on a want list, because who would think to put aside a Royals card for this Padres collector?

So how did I acquire this card?  Well, there was a person who also commented on Nick's post, who must've read my comment and felt like helping a blogger out.

M. Hoyle: Card Whisperer.

Mr. Hoyle has been making the rounds, dropping off incredible cards to bloggers like a… I dunno.  Stork?  Santa Claus?  Man, me no good at this writing thing.  But the man is generous, and he's got access to some great cards.  I personally consider myself a pretty generous guy, but my cardboard stash is pretty… limited.  Unless you're looking for some sweet '91 Fleer!  Negro League cards?  Not something that I had in my collection.  Until now.

These were the only two Padres Mr. Hoyle sent my way, but two great ones.  I already had the Alomar, but I always like looking at the Diamond Kings.  Joey Hamilton is one of my favorite 90's Padres pitchers, and wouldn't the Card Whisperer know, this is one that I don't have.  No small feat - this is the 46th Hamilton card I have.

Last but not least, included in the envelope was this Ted William hologram card.  I was skeptical as to how it would scan, but I think it looks pretty good here.  Any good San Diegan should know about the greatest hitter born in our fair city, especially since he got his start in professional baseball as a Padre - when they were in the Pacific Coast League.

All in all, another great delivery from Señor Hoyle.  I've seen cries for him to start his own blog, to which I say "Hey, you don't need to blog to be a part of the baseball card blogging community."  Not everybody needs to write about baseball cards in their spare time.  While I would definitely be a daily reader of his blog if he ever starts one up, I'm fine with him doing his thing as…

The Baseball Card Whisperer.

Wait, is that lame?

Baseball Card Psychic?  Cardboard Avenger?

Alright, sorry, I'll stick to what I'm good at.  Getting cards from bloggers and readers, and then kinda sorta writing words about them.


  1. Any package with SSPC AND Ted Williams is a great package.

  2. Mark is a great guy. Glad he could hook you up with a copy of that Killebrew! I'm about 99.9 percent sure it's the only card that features him as a Royal.

  3. I'm glad you made the connection with the T.Williams card. That's exactly why I sent it. I found the Killebrew in a dime bro at a show last weekend and remembered somebody had wished they wanted it. I had also picked up a binder at a yard sale loaded with the Negro League cards. I've spread then around to everybody. Enjoy the cards