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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Just Say NO-vember

Today is DAY 2 of "NO-vember" for me.  I've decided that for a whole month, I am going to abstain from two things that have become almost everyday purchases for me: baseball cards and candy.

I'll address the candy first.  I guess that, given the amount of time I spend with six and seven year olds (I teach first grade), coupled with my infatuation with baseball cards, it might not surprise many to know that my taste for sweets has stayed the same since I was a kid.  Getting some Skittles while filling up at the gas station or picking up some peanut M&M's while buying groceries has become pretty commonplace for me. Having a stash of Famous Amos at work or stopping by the secretary's desk for some fun sized Twix can be a regular occurrence.

While saving a few bucks here and there will be nice, the obvious goal is to be healthier.  My clothes could stand to be a little looser, and I am also setting the goal of doing some sort of exercise before bed.  Even if it's just a few reps of push ups or sit ups, it's better than nothing, which is what I've been doing for a while.

I'm sure there's no way to already notice a physical difference, so it' probably just the placebo effect, but after two days, I feel good.  Not to say that I wasn't savoring those last few Tootsie Rolls that weren't snatched up by trick-or-treaters on the 31st.  And passing up the day-after-Halloween discounted candy was probably a little more heartbreaking for me than it should be for a 30 year old man.

Anyways, onto the cards.

Check out this one, heh?  It's vintage, from 1974, but it's "new" because it has that fancy foil stamp in the top right corner.  Did I need it?  No, not really.  But it was only 99 cents, free shipping!  How could I pass it up?

Well, I could've passed it up easily if I didn't know about it.  I don't have a card shop within 50 miles or so, so the majority of my card acquiring comes via trades or eBay.  I'm constantly checking eBay for a good deal, and while I rarely spend more than a few bucks on each card ($5 is my usual limit), the cheap additions can really add up.

We're doing alright financially, but the next few months seem to be the hardest, between Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year.  I figure that since there aren't any releases that I'm really interested in coming out until next year, now is probably the easiest time to be on a buying hiatus.

On the 31st, I made a few "final" purchases, so between that, a few trade posts, and some other miscellany, I'm not worried about running out of post material any time soon.

Speaking of final purchases, I picked up my second and final rack pack of Topps Update.  I cheated a little and saw through the plastic on the back that this one had a Yangervis Solarte card, and since I haven't completed the Padres team set yet, I went with that one.  From an "accumulating Padres" point of view, it was a good choice.

There are nine Padres cards in Update, and with the addition of these three, I'm now down to only needing four.  I'm working on a Solarte rainbow, but it seems like he's a hotter commodity than the other guys I've tried to do that for (Andrew Cashner and Chris Denorfia), not sure how far I'll get on that.  Jace Peterson was supposed to be a big Padres prospect, but he played pretty poorly in a few stints in San Diego this year.  Jeff Francoeur was a surprise addition to the set for me, since he went 2 for 24 in 10 games for the Padres.  That was really bad, even by Padres standards.  Not sure if he'll be playing next year, but if not, I guess it'd be noteworthy as his "sunset" card.

Nothing else very noteworthy from this pack.  Unless you count this reminder of why buying packs is stupid:

I was about as happy to pull this card as Adrian was to take this picture.

I'll work on updating my trade list in the next few days, since my one exception to not spending money on cards will be sending out packages.  No reason to ruin it for everybody else, right?

EDIT: I should probably add checking eBay to the ban list as well, because the Denorfia acetate /10 card was just posted for a pretty good "Buy It Now".  Ugh.


  1. Those acetate cards are so sweet. Someday I'll add one to my collection, but last I checked John Baker, the Cubs back up catcher, went for around $14. Too rich for my blood!

    Good luck on your goals!

  2. I just picked up that Francoeur as well. I have absolutely no clue why they included him Update, but I'm glad they did for the exact reason you mentioned. Unless something dramatic happens, I'm guessing it'll go down as his "sunset" card.

  3. Good luck! I know exactly what you're talking about with the candy and the cards!