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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GWYNNsdays of Future Past

Before I bid adieu to eBay, I picked up an Andrew Cashner card that I didn't have.  As I usually do when shipping isn't free, I checked to see if they were selling anything else worth checking out.  Well, turns out that they did:

A Tony Gwynn card that I didn't even know existed:

Turns out that this is an insert from 2014 Topps Series 2 called "Future Stars That Never Were".  It look like they chose some rookie cards that weren't initially branded with the term "Future Star", then added it, and then reprinted them on super thick card stock.

While I much prefer the original to this "Future Star", I can't say that I don't enjoy this card.

I would like to consider myself an authority on Gwynn cards, seeing as how I have more of his cards than any other player in my collection - and it's not even close.  As such, I would like to think that I knew what to look for.  In this case, however, I wasn't aware of it's existence.  Very cool to see Tony continue to show up in sets.

RIP 19.

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  1. Kinda cool. I'd rather see a rainbow star a la 1987 Topps.