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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GWYNNsday, Junior

While I can't say that, after a season of looking at 2014 Topps that I'm any more a fan of the design than I was when I first saw it.  Still don't like it, though I've read that others don't see the stupid looking file folder thing on the right side anymore.  Good on them.

But I'll give Topps Update a little credit - I kinda dug their checklist.

Sure, I'm still waiting for my first Nick Vincent card.  And come to think of it, Odrisamer Despaigne, Jesse Hahn, and Kevin Quackenbush actually had really solid rookie seasons, and really deserved to be included.  I guess I should be used to Topps stiffing the Padres, leaving us with cards of Troy Patton and an All-Star card of a guy who didn't even play in the game.

But there were plenty of former Padres that showed up in the checklist, and that was a good thing.  After pulling a Kyle Blanks and a Scott Hairston in my first two purchases, my third and final pack yielded my second favorite non-Padre card of the set (behind My Man Chris Denorfia):

In a year when we lost Tony Gwynn Sr., I thought it was pretty classy of Topps to include Tony Gwynn Jr. on the checklist, seeing as how he only batted .152 in 80 games this year.  A little weird to see him in a Phillies uniform, but it sure beats the heck out of seeing him in a Dodgers uniform.  Even sporting some Tony Gwynn-style shades here.  Good shot.

Here's the video of Tony's first at bat after his father's passing.  I know that Philadelphia fans aren't necessarily known for their hospitality, and I believe it was a weekday night, so the crowd didn't seem too big, but I thought the standing ovation was a classy move.  Bravo.

Here's the back of Anthony Jr.'s card.  I always enjoy seeing my hometown on the back of a card (Poway, CA), which makes sense, since we went to the same high school (he was a senior when I was a freshman, if I remember correctly).  Not a fan of seeing WAR on baseball cards, but I guess I'll get used to it.  Right?  The write up reminds me of a recent post by Dimebox Nick about fluffy write ups on the backs of cards.  Not sure that "Gwynn 2.0" really planned on joining a bad team as a defensive specialist.

I liked the card so much that when I found a cheap copy of the red foil parallel, I picked it up too.  Looks pretty killer with the Phils uniform.  There's also a "saber metric" parallel of this card, but I don't want to go crazy on parallels.  It's become my vice with Andrew Cashner cards, and I don't need the fever to spread to other parts of my collection.  Two's enough.

I believe that I've now covered all of The Baseballing Gwynn's on a GWYNNsday post.  Obviously, Tony Sr. has the overwhelming majority of those posts, but it's good to get the family involved too.

Interested to see where Tony Jr. ends up next year.  If he does, hopefully Topps will get him a card again.  Every checklist should have as many Gwynn's as possible.


  1. I saw the word "Junior" in the title and couldn't click fast enough...

  2. It must be rough being a Padres fan. I can't say being a Yankees fan is very easy either, but I still watch (almost) 162 games a year. I wish your Padres luck next year, and Yangervis Solarte!
    I just redeemed the Gwynn today... hopefully Topps will come through.