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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Guess Who?

NOTE: My school district-issued laptop was taken in for repairs on Friday, and I didn't get it back on Monday, so here's a post written via iPhone.  A much slower, annoying process, but at least I had the card scans for this one already dialed up.

There are a few cards that I've received from folks I've traded with that have made me think "Wow, this is a card that I directly associate with this person."

'75 minis from Night Owl.  Dodger cards (with Padre cameos) from GCRL.  Custom autos from Padrographs.  All the vintage radness from Mr. Hoyle.  Serial numbered cards from Robert M.  The list goes on.

With that in mind, which blogger would you associate this card with?

This is one of the more ridiculous Padre cards I've ever seen.  Other than Bip Roberts' "sombrero" card, I can't really think of any card that comes close.  While I happen to really dig Bip's headgear, I can't say that I'm equally a fan of Joey's hat.  It might look better if he was a character in a Dr. Seuss book.  I've seen this one before, but I can't believe that it took so long to make its way into my collection.

If you guessed that this was from Dimebox Nick (I'll include a corresponding link later, if I can remember), then you are probably familiar with his blog and/or have been a recipient of his cardboard generosity.  While this was the most "dimebox" card he sent my way, there were a bunch of other gems I was able to add to my collection.

Padre fans are tired of waiting for Robbie Erlin to figure it out, but it's hard to pass up a sweet blue parallel from this years Opening Day set.  Hmmm... Opening Day, I'm looking forward to that.  Matt Wisler is a young Padres prospect that I'm looking forward to seeing. Cool to have the state flag parallel of the Padres number two prospect.  While Nick Hundley is no longer a Friar, I love these Sega Card Gen cards.  I think Hundles is only behind Benito Santiago for the volume of "Padres catchers in gear" cards in my Rad binder.  Really dig that one.

Finding vintage Padres that I still need/want is becoming an increasingly difficult task.  Collecting a team that entered the majors in '69 will do that to ya - not much to track down.  I already had the Al Ferrara and Alan  Foster cards (Foster's card is also in the Rad binder with my small collection of "Foster" cards), but they were simply too sweet to not scan.  I did need the Dave Roberts card, however.  Slid it into the Miscellaneous Padres binder between Bip Roberts and Dave Roberts the outfielder (and current Padres coach, former World Series champion, and cancer survivor).

The card that got me most excited, however, wasn't vintage or a sweet 90's card: it was a lame, brand new card.  But doggone it, if seeing a Chris Denorfia card that I didn't already have didn't bring a big smile to my face.  I'm working on the "rainbow" for Deno's lone card of 2014, which doesn't seem like something Nick would dedicate himself to, but I'm glad he's willing to help suckers like me.

All in all, a very "Dimebox" delivery: some vintage, a quirky 90s gem, and some shiny new parallels.  A little bit of everything.

Even if I hadn't glanced at the return address, I would've known for sure who it was from.  Thanks Nick!


  1. You got it, Marcus! Glad you liked the envelope. Was hoping you still needed the "Cat in the Hat" Hamilton. I'll be hunting for more Padres to send your way at the card show I'll be attending this weekend.

  2. too funny. i've got a trade post coming up that asks the same question, with the same answer!

  3. The Seuss card is a fave of mine. Great stuff from Nick!