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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alright, I'm Back

Alright, so after a little less than a week and a half, I have my school laptop back!  Very excited, since a) I am too cheap to get my own personal laptop, so since my school provides me one year round, I use it like it's my own, and B) The loaner they gave to me would only work at school, and the school filters don't allow access to blogs, so I've been pretty absent from the blogosphere for a little over a week.

But now I'm back!  I had a bunch of posts I've been sitting on, so let's dive right in.

As I mentioned at the beginning of November, I was putting myself on a "No Cards/Candy" November policy.  Well, I am sad to say that it has not lasted as long as I would've liked, on both fronts.  But I'll save that for another post.  Today's cards were the ones that I picked up as a "last hurrah" of sorts on the last day of October.  Lots of want list type stuff, all from the same eBay seller, who hooked me up with free shipping.  Sweet.

These were the last two Hometown parallels from this year's Bowman set that had the Texas flag on them.  For some reason, the Joe Nathan has been surprisingly hard to track down.  The Hunter Dozier was a tough get too, but at least he's a somewhat up and coming prospect.  These look pretty rad in binder pages.  That'll get it's own post sooner or later.  Bet on the later.

KELLOGG'S 3-D CARDS!  The world's greatest oddballs, all in brown and yellow!  By adding these six Kellogg's cards (all from the 70s except for the Ozzie Smith), I am now within two of adding all of the Padres to the Team Set binder.  That's pretty cool.  I think my favorites here are the two Nate Colbert cards.  He has the most Kellogg's cards of any Padre with three.

70s oddballs and new parallels with the Texas flag are pretty hard to top, but they weren't the highlight of the pickup.  That honor would go to the new cards for my Archi Cianfrocco collection.

First up, a pair of 90s parallels!  Here is Archi's card from the '93 Topps set.  Both of these have foil stamps showing that they are from different box sets, one celebrating the Rockies inaugural season (left), and the other celebrating the Marlins inaugural season (right).  Had my eye on these for a while, glad to finally add them to a binder.  '93 Topps was one of the sets I collected heavily as a kid, so I love seeing that design.

Next up, Archi's card from '93 Pacific.  This one is written in Spanish, as evidenced by the "Primera Base" scrolled across the bottom.  Not a lot of Cianfrocco cards that feature him batting, and I really like this one, showing his front foot prepare for an oncoming pitch, likely just before sending it into orbit 400 feet away.  Or something like that.

Here's the back of Archi's card.  Another great action shot, followed by a lengthy write up in Spanish.  Here's my translation, with a few edits for clarity:

Last season, Archi played in the outfield, and first and third base.
The Expos found a jewel in their minor league system in Cianfrocco.  Archi showed his power with 6 homers, 30 RBI, and a .358 batting average.

Really love how the whole card is red, white, and blue, matching those old Expo uniforms that get guys like me nostalgic for the 90s.

This was probably my favorite card of the pickup.  Archi's '94 Stadium Club card looks killer here with the rainbow foil on his name.  While only a slight difference from the actual card, this is a design that was also near and dear to my heart as a kid.  While not the most interesting shot (it's actually kind of boring), the dust that's being kicked up looks kinda cool, and who doesn't love the full bleed photography of Stadium Club?  

Well, like I said, this was supposed to be a last hurrah of sorts, and while it unfortunately wasn't (the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak!), it would've been a pretty good note to end on.  I'll show the cards that tempted me above that which I could stand in a few posts, after I round up some other late-arriving cards and a trade post or two.

Glad to be back.


  1. I have never seen those Topps inaugural stamps in my life. Off to eBay...

  2. Love the Kelloggs!!! Nostalgia at its best!