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Friday, October 10, 2014

True Colors

If you've been following Topps recently, you'll know that they're already promoting their 2015 flagship design, even though the season isn't over yet and we still have a last helping of good old 2014 cards to devour (2014 Topps Update - I'm sure there are other releases between now and the end of December, but as far as "regular sets" go, that's it).

I won't spoil it for you if you're waiting to be surprised by the design, but a big change is that the borders aren't plain white, but there is a little bit of color to them.

Not quite in the sense that the 1975 set had colored borders, of course.  These have to go down as the most colorful in history, right?  Well, at least for a Topps flagship set.  While the purple and pink might not exactly match the brown and yellow of the Padres, the 2015 design will have the colors match up with the borders.

Have no fear, player collectors (and crazy team collectors), I'd be willing to bet my life that they are still going to find a way to squeeze as many parallels as they can into every set, including Opening Day and Topps Chrome.  I expect no drastic changes there.

Seeing as how they've moved away from the white border (at least for a year), I wonder when the facsimile autograph will make a triumphant return.  The last time it was used in the flagship set was in 2007 and 2008.  Before that, you'd have to go back 25 years to the 1983 set to find one of those.  

Will there be any added surprises to 2015 Topps?  Little subsets or something to make it stand out a little bit?  Probably not - they've got plenty of other ways to do that in other sets.  Still, it's been done before.  Wouldn't mind seeing a little creativity, a la the cards you see above.  This is my only "Little Dawgs" card, and while I love cool misspelled words as much as the next first grade teacher, it still encapsulates the era pretty well.  "Masked Marauders" is my all time favorite subset - not an insert card, but included in the regular checklist.  There are nine of these cards, which was considerate for us nine pocket binder guys, and I'm now down to the final two to fill it up.  Let me know if you've got a spare Javy Lopez or Ivan Rodriguez laying around.

Well, if the '75 mini at the top didn't give it away, the inclusion of two Dodger cards in a post signal that this is indeed a trade post from Greg over at Night Owl Cards.  If you've never heard of his blog before, you should check it out.

(Okay, I had to chuckle out loud to myself as I typed that.  While there may be the occasional person who stumbles across my blog before Night Owl's, I imagine it's about as rare as the guy who finds out about The Clash by listening to Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros).

I'll go ahead and close with another thing that is rarely seen on a Topps card these days(no not a relief pitcher holding a bat, although that's pretty hard to come by period): vertical stats.  My 30 year old eyes are struggling to see Scott Radinsky's win/loss record, and it's not because Topps crammed in his numbers from South Bend and the Sarasota White Sox.  It's because you have to make the font so small to be able to include them when you orient it like that.

That said, the '93 Topps set that this is from is one of my all time favorite sets, though more based on nostalgia than on aesthetic appeal.

Thanks for the great batch of cardboard, Greg!  I too have a difficult time getting to the post office, so the effort was not unrecognized, everything was greatly appreciated.  I'm glad that you were able to put aside the blinding hatred you have toward my San Diego Padres, your historic rival, for a few minutes to help a fellow collector.


  1. I still don't understand why Phil Collins remade that song.

    1. Love Genesis & Mr. Collins. Love Cyndi Lauper's True Colors. But can't say I love Phil's version of the song. I don't hate it. But like certain baseball card parallels... I wonder if his rendition was necessary.

      P.S. 75T rules! Nice Winfield.

  2. i like joe strummer's work with the mescaleros - he even worked 'chavez ravine' into one of his songs ('all in a day') - it's where he met his queen. hey hey!

    1. Oh, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Mescaleros. The first time I heard The Clash, I actually wasn't really that into it. Then later, on a rec from… somebody, can't remember who, I checked out the Mescaleros and totally dug it. After devouring a few albums, I checked out The Clash and finally "got it". Mostly just saying that I can't imagine that many people get into The Clash that way.