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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Topps Royals

I don't think it takes more than a few seconds of looking at this blog to know where my team loyalties lie.  Even though I'm rooting for the Royals to slay the Giants and win the World Series, I won't try to fool anyone into thinking that I know a great deal about their team.

From what I can tell, I like how they're built.  Speed, defense, a solid bullpen.  A lot of similarities between them and the Padres, actually.

Still, outside of a few players, Royals history is pretty much an unknown for me.  And that's fine.  I'm not really looking to expand my horizons.

Sometimes, I wonder how diverse the collections of other team collectors like myself are.  My non-Padre binder is pretty thin, and I only have a small handful of "sets".  The Royals aren't much more than a drop in the bucket

Without further ado, scanned for your viewing pleasure, here are all of the Royals cards in my collection that were printed by Topps.  I happened to have it scanned because the Topps twitter feed randomed off some boxes of cards to some followers who posted pictures of Giants or Royals cards that were Topps brand.    *Spoiler alert: I didn't win.

Well, there you go, a whopping NINE Topps cards with Royals on them.  I also have a few mini Royals from last year's Update Mini set (the ones with the cool 1971 design), but I didn't count them because they didn't fit in the scan, and they're smaller than regular cards, so they don't count as much.

All right, right off the bat, there's four Jeremy Guthrie cards.  He's one of my favorite non-Padres, but more for his personality than his playing (though he's done pretty well for KC in the playoffs).  He's funny and engaging on social media, and is a faithful Mormon who took a two year break from college baseball to serve as a missionary in Spain.  Pretty cool that he can speak the native language of all of his teammates besides Nori Aoki.

From there, we jump back a decade to the playing days of Benito Santiago.  Hard to imagine that he was ever a Royal, but here's the shiny cardboard proof.  Rewind another half decade and there's Leon "Bip" Roberts.  I have another Royal Bip that is way better than this one, but it's from the '96 Upper Deck set, not Topps.  Both of these reside in the Former/Future Friars section of one of my binders.

The Wally Joyner card from '93 Topps is the easy favorite in this group.  Great horizontal shot, gold foil… hard to find anything wrong with this one.  This is in my not-really-talked-about-much-since-I-haven't-finalized-the-specifics-yet One Page binder, where I have only one page of cards for some of my favorite players.  It was hard to whittle down the Joyner cards, but this one was an easy add in.

The last to are Tom Gordon and George Brett.  I have the Gordon because I have one card for each team in the '92 Topps set, which was the one that really got me into collecting.  I chose him because I always liked the nickname "Flash".  I also have all of the "Member's Choice" cards from… um, I can't remember what series of Topps Stadium Club, but one of the three.

Well, that's it.  Like I said, I have a handful of other Royals cards as well, but the rest are from other brands.  Hopefully this post will give them a little mojo to go ahead and take Game 7, since, as I typed this post, they were leading the Giants pretty handily in Game 6.

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