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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Surprise, Surprise

On Saturday, I got a small, invitation-sized envelope from the main man over at Johnny's Trading Spot.  On the back side of it, said the words Surprise Surprise.

Inside was a single card, though at first, I didn't think it was a baseball card.  It was rather large and pretty flimsy.  And… had a purple border?

Oh man!  90's greatness right here.  While Gary Sheffield's time as a "Master of the Game" didn't last too long, this is a pretty rad painting by 90's master of the brush, Dick Perez.  While googling him, I came across a gallery of his work.  Pretty cool to check out.  

We've been without cable for a few years, but we recently got a Roku, so now we can watch Hulu and Netflix on our TV.  The big favorite with my son is Sesame Street, and while my daughter, who's older, likes some of the more girly shows, she also likes it as well.  I can never tell which episodes we've already watched, but for some reason, I keep on choosing the one where the word of the day is "surprise".

Thanks again Johnny!  Gotta say that being a blogger has given me more than my fair share of mailbox surprises.  And to think that there was a time where I'd go days without checking the mail.  Weird.


  1. Beautiful card. I've never seen that one before. I'll have to try to track one down for the Padres PC.

  2. 90's greatness and 90's perfection!

    Like Fuji, I've never seen this Sheffy before either.

    Backstop, yet again, leading the way to super sick Padres cards!

  3. Thanks for the link, great stuff there